Sara Cornthwaite

Senior Video Producer, WE

Reflecting on her experience and the direct impact she witnessed thanks to WE’s work, Sara said,

The best part of working with WE for an extended period of time is seeing the long-term effects of the programming internationally. I joined the organization in 2011, leading me to spend the last eight years frequenting their international communities, capturing stories of impacts. In 2011, I met children attending the primary schools, who, eight years later are now graduating from the Kisaruni group of high schools. Plots of land that were once bare and open fields are now filled with farmland supplying food and training, dozens of new schoolrooms, health clinics, water stations and playgrounds. Over the past eight years I have seen an incredible number of innovative and sustainable projects implemented successfully into these communities as a result of their partnership with WE Charity

My experience at WE was a wonderful whirlwind of adventure and quick learning. As a member of their video team, we covered a wide range of content. This led to a constant stream of travel-related work both internationally and domestically; working directly with industry leaders, politicians and celebrity ambassadors. Being a grassroots driven organization, the workplace was fast and intense—this environment ended up being what I valued most as a passionate and career-driven employee. In a short amount of time I was able to get a range of incredibly unique and high-profile professional working experiences. The hands-on opportunity and the grassroots nature of the organization allowed me to make meaningful work relationships, lifelong friendships and set me up for success upon leaving. I was able to connect with like-minded individuals and still value these relationships today.

Among many moments, my favorite would have to be compiling the 2016 Kisaruni Girls Graduation video. Back in 2011, on my first international trip to Kenya, I had the opportunity to tour the first ever girls’ high school. There were 41 excited girls attending grade nine. Fast forward four years and those same girls are now the first-ever graduating class. In 2016 I was tasked with filming the graduation and creating a video to celebrate this milestone. Families cheered on their daughters as I crouched with my camera, filming the smiles. In their first year of competing in the grade 12 national testing, they ranked first in the Narok region, with some of the girls landing scholarships for university in Nairobi as well as the United States. To this day it still brings a smile to my face. In 2017, I got to go back to the communities and share the video with the girls. They are now all graduated, some with internships, some already working, others still in university. What an incredible experience, to see the undeniable impact that these schools have had on the lives of these girls and community members.

Reflecting on what’s changed since her time at WE, Sara noted,

Many things have changed since my time working with WE. From logos and branding to enhanced systems and improvements to the sustainability model, WE is forever evolving and adapting to meet the needs of the growing movement.

Thinking about her most memorable impact of her work, Sara said,

For me, as a content creator, I am beyond thrilled when I see our stories of impact being shared on a global scale. I love having the opportunity to spend time in country with my camera, discovering and sharing these narratives. Seeing the photos and video clips being shared in classrooms, speaking engagements, branded content or during We Days is an incredible feeling. Working at WE has fundamentally supported the shaping and growth of my professional career through meaningful projects. It fosters an environment for like-minded individuals all wanting to grow and stretch professionally. I am forever grateful for the experiences, the friendships and connections I was able to make while working at WE.

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