Siahra Skelton

Manager of Risk Mitigation and Crisis Management, ME to WE

While at ME to WE, I worked on the Risk Management Team to support the health and safety of WE travelers. I was most proud of my role in ensuring that ME to WE trips are were inclusive for participants with special health needs. As part of the registration process, the Risk Management team works with the participants to understand any pre-existing conditions they may have. I enjoyed working with the participants, their families and the country teams to ensure that youth with a variety of needs were able to fully and safely participate in these life changing experiences.

My time at ME to WE was challenging, but rewarding. I was hired on as a new graduate and was excited for the chance to contribute to the overall mission of the organization. While at ME to WE, I was given the opportunity to expand my skillsets, grow into new roles and achieve ambitious performance goals. The skills I honed at ME to WE have greatly served me in my current career path. Beyond the job, what sets ME to WE apart are the amazing employees that it attracts. My colleagues were dedicated, skilled and passionate professionals. Although it has been years since I worked at ME to WE, the people I met there are still some of my closest friends. I am so grateful for the experiences I had and the friends and connections I made at ME to WE.

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