Stephanie Higgs

Partnerships Manager, WE

Thinking back on what she was most proud of from her time at WE, Stephanie said,

From my four years at WE, one of the many things that I’m most proud of was the career progression that I experienced. From starting on the Partnerships team as a young, early career professional to leaving the team four years later as a seasoned account manager/development professional, my growth was very accelerated. I joined the team because I wanted to honor and celebrate the role that WE had in shaping my teen years by “paying it back” to help bring this opportunity to more youth, but I stayed for so long because of the professional and personal growth that I experienced.

Speaking about what she took away from her experience at WE, Stephanie said,

The ability to find ways to add value. I learned to approach situations from the perspective of finding ways to solve a problem; then taking it a step further adding value. Approaching situations in this way has truly helped me to build and strengthen relationships, improve understanding between internal teams, coach and develop talent, and to advocate for my career goals.

Reflecting on what she valued most about her experience at WE, Stephanie had this to say, While my time at WE did include travel and I had the opportunity to visit Ecuador, India and Kenya, what I really valued was the chance to build relationships with my colleagues around the world and the opportunity to learn from their experiences and perspectives. However, I really benefited from working closely with so many different teams and people; and, because of this, I was able to learn how to work closely with education teams, curriculum developers, public relations, communications, executives, marketing teams, tech teams, etc. Learning how these teams operate, how they prioritize, and learning how to work within and speak to different strategies has made me incredibly adaptable—a skill that I consider critical to my success in different roles.

This also meant that I was able to learn from and receive mentorship from many different people, all of whom have had different career progression, experienced different roadblocks and have had experiences in a number of different industries. This truly gave me access to a broad and versatile education on building career plans, professional development plans and learning how to navigate a workplace at a time where I was just starting to think about myself in that context.

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