Taylor Fulton-Girgis

Specialist, Content Creator, Digital Media, WE

Describing her experience at WE, Taylor said,

My journey at WE started from a positive personal experience to a professional one. WE has been a huge part of my life since I took my first ME to WE Trip at the age of 13. After this trip I knew there was so much more than my little bubble in Toronto, and my everyday decisions can make a difference. My trip influenced and inspired my values and views, and created a new lifestyle. Now I think twice about how fortunate I am to live in Canada, my education, women’s rights, or ways I can give back and better my community.

Thinking back on what she was most proud to work on during her time at WE, Taylor said, I had the opportunity to work for WE at a very exciting time, during campaigns such as Canada 150, Back to School, the opening of the WE Global Learning Center, holiday, and WE day. During all these campaigns I had a fun time working on the ME to WE social brand and developing that platform. It was amazing getting to collaborate and be a part of the growth of the social enterprise brand.

I am also proud to be a part of an organization that’s influencing a new generation of socially responsible youth.

Looking back on what’s changed since her time as WE, Taylor noted,

I have had the opportunity to see WE as an organization grow. Since starting to work for the company when it was Free The Children to what it is today. There have been so many changes throughout the organization. Most importantly, the growth of resources to reach more and more students locally and globally. With the opening of the WE Global Learning Center the team has grown and is now able to support so many more kids locally, offering one-on-one support, school field trips and resources.

Reflecting on her experience at WE, Taylor said,

My most memorable experience at WE was the mentorship I was given. During my time at WE, I took the opportunity to get to know some of the Heads and Executives, and I truly look up to them. These individuals have so much on their plate and are always on the go. When I would book time with them, they were present and gave me their undivided attention. I learned so much from these mentors, and think about and try to apply what they taught me to my work life every day.

Fun Fact:

I have been on five ME to WE Trips.

Reflecting on how WE helped shaped her career path, Taylor said, During my year off before attending university, I got the opportunity to get firsthand work experience. WE allowed me to explore different opportunities, try out new ideas and embrace my creativity. They taught me the value of hard work. WE has not just shaped my career path but given me a new perspective on the world we live in and created a lasting impact on my views and ethics.

Thinking about what she learned at WE, Taylor noted,

I learned that whatever I choose to do in my career and life, I want it to have purpose and to make the world better.

Impact. I learnt that whatever I choose to do in my career I want to have an impact and create change for others. I was able to see the power of WE, and the difference the organization is making locally and globally. Working WE Day there is this feeling of standing in the bowl, surrounded by youth who are making a difference. Globally, being able to revisit communities in that WE works in, and see the difference and impact the programing has had. Nothing beats these two feelings, and I am so grateful for these experiences.

Looking at the skills she developed at WE, Taylor said,

During my time at WE I learnt the value of teamwork in a company/organization. I learnt that in order to succeed you need to have a strong team, and good communication.

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