Verónica Intriago

Sales Assistant and Receptionist, Ecuador Office, WE

Thinking back on the impact she witnessed while working at WE, Verónica said,

The gratitude of the people who work with WE is easy to see, you feel it when you go the communities, when you talk with them they always talk about the impact that the organization has in their lives.

Describing her experience at WE, Verónica said, It was the dream job. I did what I love and the work environment was so great. I felt my coworkers as family, that is really hard to find nowadays—a place where you can arrive to work and feel it like home.

But for me one of the things that I love was that I never got bored, I always had new challenges every day. It’s not a monotonous place!

Reflecting on what she was most proud of working on during her time at WE, Verónica said,

I was in charge of coordinating and organizing all the youth trips. For me it was amazing to know that I was in charge of developing their dream trip. So every time when I visited the groups in Quito, Chimbo and Minga and saw their happy faces it was the best feeling.

Also seeing how our communities are growing was satisfying. Knowing that we work for a big and a good reason, to help them to increase their education, for access to clean water and to give them opportunities to develop their skills.

Looking back on what’s changed during her time at WE, Verónica noted, I changed as human and professional. I met amazing people, I learned how to work in a team. WE changed my perspective.

Thinking about the most memorable impact of her work, Verónica said,

I think I left an impact in my coworkers. I left my heart and soul in WE. What I did in my position is a model to follow for the next coordinator, and they will find new ways to do the work better.

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