Ylber Kusari

Associate Director, Corporate and Family Engagement, ME to WE

Working with ME to WE has been a defining career experience for me, leading me into non-profit and fundraising for the next 10 years. My decision to join ME to WE back in 2010 was driven by the vision and mission the organization was built upon, and the unique combination of enterprise and social purpose coming together to generate impact. Under the guidance and leadership of the incredible Roxanne Joyal, I found myself pulling a 180, transitioning from a highly structured work environment at the University of Toronto to a start-up culture where I was challenged and empowered at the same time to bring the best version of myself to work every day, all the while being made to feel I was part of a community united around making a difference locally and globally.

The intersection of business and social purpose that ME to WE brings to its partners is truly one of a kind. Through my work with Corporate and Family Engagement team, I was able to successfully engage corporate stakeholders in a holistic way, leveraging the plethora of ME to WE products and experiences while educating and ultimately engaging them as donors for WE (then Free The Children). The partnership between the two organizations allowed me to wear many hats and work strategically with corporations to help them meet their CSR and sustainability goals in a meaningful, engaging way.

One of my highlights during my time with ME to WE that I look back at fondly is working on the partnership with KPMG Canada, and engaging their staff across Canada to go on volunteer trips overseas and learn about the partnership with KPMG and WE. In the span of three years, the number of staff going on volunteer trips tripled and the company’s commitment to the partnership grew exponentially. Being at the helm of those strategic conversations at senior leadership with various corporations both national and global helped me understand how important of a role the private sector can play in advancing the international development agenda. I have ME to WE to thank for the opportunity to be a part of many of those shared value partnerships that solidified my conviction to make a career in the sector.

I have worked with many organizations since my time at ME to WE, but have rarely encountered a workplace that brings together people with similar values and drives to make a difference. Some of the most talented, passionate individuals that have become my lifelong friends were colleagues at ME to WE, and that is a tribute to the organization’s commitment in reflecting organizational values through its people.

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