Toronto Star: Toronto-based charity WE planning major downtown expansion with entrepreneurship centre

Founded by brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger to help young people better the world, WE is now investing $30 million to build a new Social Entrepreneurship Centre with support from corporate and individual donors. WE is made up of WE Charity, which empowers domestic and international change, and ME to WE, a social enterprise that creates socially conscious products to support the charity. The new high-tech facility will provide resources for young social entrepreneurs, offering access to seed funding, free training programs, mentorship, technology and workspaces. One program will provide resources for secondary and post-secondary students to improve business development skills and create their own social enterprises; another will offer support for social entrepreneurship projects.

Canada’s Walk of Fame: Craig and Marc Kielburger

Craig Kielburger and Marc Kielburger were inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2013 to the Innovation Pillar of Excellence. Craig and Marc Kielburger are co-founders of international charity and educational partner Free The Children, and are also social entrepreneurs, New York Times bestselling authors, columnists and human rights activists. Free The Children’s youth programs include WE Day, one of the world’s largest charitable events that empowers young people in North America and the UK.

Inc: Holly Branson, Daughter of Virgin’s Founder, Merges Profit and Purpose in Book “WEconomy”

Holly Branson, daughter of Virgin founder Richard Branson, is co-author of the book WEconomy, along with WE co-founders Marc and Craig Kielburger. The book discusses purpose-driven business strategy from the non-profit and social entrepreneurship sectors, and its ability to increase productivity, retain employees and bring meaning to work culture. WEconomy shares stories from celebrities and leaders including Oprah Winfrey and Magic Johnson, and has been recommended by business leaders such as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Unilever CEO Paul Polman and Spanx founder Sara Blakeley.

Forbes: How Holly Branson Is Helping People Find Meaning, Make a Living and Change the World

Forbes sits down with Holly Branson, co-author of the book WEconomy along with WE co-founders Marc and Craig Kielburger, to discuss their new book. WEconomy is a guidebook to bringing purpose into your business strategy and professional life, and includes advice on building successful companies and charities. Branson discusses what it means to make purpose a business value, how purpose connects to profit and offers career advice for young women and young professionals.

The Globe and Mail: Alan Thicke, Christine Sinclair among latest Canadian Walk of Fame inductees

Activists Craig Kielburger and Marc Kielburger were inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2013. More than 30,000 Canadians from 130 countries submitted a nomination for the 15th year of the Walk of Fame, which honours Canadians who have excelled for at least a decade in music, sport, film and television, along with the literary and visual performing arts, science and innovation. Craig and Marc Kielburger will join other Walk of Fame inductees with names engraved on stars and displayed on King Street West and Simcoe Street in Toronto.

High School Insider/LA Times: Craig Kielburger: One man can change the world

High School Insider explores WE Day and Free The Children co-founder Craig Kielburger’s journey from 12-year-old advocate for ending child labour (after he read about the murder of child-rights activist Iqbal Masih) to leader of a global organization. WE Day events inspire thousands of students in the United States and Canada to give back and take part in volunteer service, and Free The Children has built more than 1,000 schools in developing communities around the world. See Kielburger’s advice for young people and his message that you’re never too young to change the world.

E! Online: Selena Gomez Shares Her “WE Day Top 3” With Martin Sheen

E! Online looks forward to a WE Day special broadcast on ABC. Actor Martin Sheen chats with 13 Reasons Why producer Selena Gomez about the event, which celebrates young people making a difference in their communities and around the word. The ABC special broadcast, hosted by John Stamos, also has appearances from celebrities and speakers including Jennifer Aniston, the Chainsmokers, Will Ferrell, Cyndi Lauper, Dr. Phil and March For Our Lives organizers. Hear John Stamos’ thoughts on how WE Day inspires youth to follow their passions and create change, and hear from WE co-founder Craig Kielburger.

Forbes: Seat Of Power Episode 5: Craig Kielburger On Helping Young People Change the World

Forbes interviews WE co-founder Craig Kielburger. WE began when a then 12-year-old Kielburger saw that it was hard for children to participate in charitable giving, since it was centred around financial giving. Kielburger discusses the tangible opportunities to make a difference for youth, families and schools that WE provides. WE opportunities to get involved include service-learning programs for schools, an AP service-learning program, WE Day events and ME to WE social enterprise, which sells socially responsible products and services. Kielburger also talks about the impact WE has had on millions of youth globally.

Dolce: Craig Kielburger

At just 12 years old, WE co-founder Craig Kielburger read an article about the murder of child-rights activist Iqbal Masih, also 12, and was inspired to become an advocate for ending child labour, founding an organization called Free The Children in 1995. Today this has become WE, an organization with a goal of shifting the global perspective on youth involvement in world issues. Kielburger talks about his thoughts on educating children on the importance of being involved in global issues, and his proudest moments in growing the WE movement.

Forbes: WE Co-Founder Marc Kielburger On Mentors, Mandela, And Spurring Social Change At 17

Forbes interviews WE co-founder Marc Kielburger, who founded what was then Free The Children at age 17 along with his 12-year-old brother Craig Kielburger. Today, WE is a global movement. Its school program, WE Schools, helps young people take action in their communities; its development model, WE Villages, helps lift people out of poverty in countries like Kenya, India and Ecuador. The Kielburgers also founded ME to WE social enterprise, which donates half its profits to WE Charity from programs including culturally immersive travel and an artisans’ program to employ women in Kenya and Ecuador. Read Kielburger’s thoughts on how WE has grown over the past 20 years, what advice he would give his younger self and inspiration and mentorship he has received from mentors such as Nelson Mandela.

LA Times: Parkland activists, Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez and others celebrate youth making an impact in ABC special

A WE Day special broadcast on ABC celebrates social good as one of several youth empowerment events held in North America and the UK that bring together students, educators, celebrities and speakers. Youth attending the event earned their tickets through community service. Find out more about the WE Day event, hosted by John Stamos at the Forum in Inglewood, California, and the inspiring messages and performances from people including the Chainsmokers, Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez and March For Our Lives organizers Jaclyn Corin and Cameron Kasky. Read about how WE co-founder Craig Kielburger was inspired to start the WE movement at 12 years old, inspired by the story of a murdered child rights activist. Today, WE engages millions of students globally and gives them the tools to create change.

60 Minutes: A worldwide mission of kids helping kids

It was a moment that changed the course of many lives forever. When he was just 12, Free The Children co-founder Craig Kielburger read about the murder of child-rights activist Iqbal Masih, also 12 years old, and was inspired to become an advocate for ending child labour. 60 Minutes interviews Kielburger about the beginnings of Free The Children, from a group of children aiming to end child slavery to a global charity that works to end poverty with projects like building schools and providing clean water. Free The Children also inspires kids to make a difference with programs including speaking tours, school curriculum, summer leadership camps and WE Day events. Read about the story of a school involved with Free The Children and how they fundraised for projects in a developing community in Kenya.