2020 Board of Directors Transition

In the fall of 2019, WE Charity started a process of renewal of the Board of Directors to help plan for the organization’s future. This was done both in anticipation of WE Charity’s 25th anniversary in 2020, and due to the fact that a number of Board members had served for durations of more than 5+ and even 10+ years.

The goal of the review was to sharpen the focus on future priorities and address issues such as diversity, inclusion, and representation of a broader set of skills and expertise, while continuing to provide strong oversight and guidance to the organization. External advisors and the existing board members were engaged to facilitate the process, establish a skills matrix, and identify potential board candidates.

Today, the North American Board is composed of eight skilled individuals who are experts in legal, finance, education, technology, and operations, and who provide strong overall governance. Of the eight Directors, three Directors who have each served for 3+ years, have remained on the North American Board through this transition period. We are grateful to current and past Board members for their service.

WE Charity acknowledges and thanks Michelle Douglas for her 14-years of service on the Board. During the COVID-19 crisis, difficult and fast decisions were being made and there was a difference of opinion between Ms. Douglas and WE Charity senior management. Ms. Douglas transitioned in a different manner than the other Board members. It was a trying time for everyone, and the outcome was regrettable.

Read more about the review process and transition, here, and read about our recently announced organizational review being led by Korn Ferry, which will include a review of the Board, with consideration of diversity, inclusion, and independence, and assist in the development of best-in-class systems of governance.