April 9 and April 22 Proposals

The COVID-19 pandemic was an unforeseen and catastrophic event. It had far-reaching economic, health and social consequences around the world, including here in Canada. At the same time, it represented an opportunity to come together as Canadians and support each other. As one of the largest charities in the country making an impact in 7000 Canadian schools, a large social media following, and a deep network of partners, we knew it was time to step up.

In both of the attached proposals to government, our goal was to help mitigate economic struggles and prepare Canadians for a post-pandemic world.

WE Charity submitted a proposal on April 9 for a program that would support youth in creating small businesses. This 12-month program would provide digital training programs and mentorship programing linking entrepreneurs with pro bono support in finance/legal/marketing from corporate Canada. This proposal was entirely separate from the final proposal for the CSSG program and was delivered to government before any discussions of CSSG were had.

On April 19, Rachel Wernick contacted us on an unrelated matter of youth service. Ms. Wernick requested a proposal from WE Charity on the topic of youth service to provide a bursary program to students over the summer. On April 22nd WE Charity provided to Ms. Wernick both the original April 9th proposal on entrepreneurship, and a second proposal on youth to Ms. Wernick’s request. This proposal is dated the 21st but was delivered to her on the 22nd.

Proposal 1: Entrepreneurship Origin Source: WE Charity Date of submission: April 9th
Primary beneficiary audience: youth out of school Funding request: $6M-14M Purpose: To help young people launch small businesses that benefited the world Method of delivery: digital training program, with a mentorship programming linking entrepreneurs with pro bono support in finance/legal/marketing etc. from corporate Canada Timeframe: 10-week program per student participate. Delivered over a 12-month timeframe Click here to read the April 9th proposal

Proposal 2: Service Origin Source: Government of Canada policy objectives Date of submission: April 22nd
Primary beneficiary audience: Post-secondary students Funding request: WE Charity was unaware at the time the government planned $500M for the program Purpose: A bursary program for young people to volunteer over the summer to earn up to $5000 Method of deliver: Students volunteering digitally with not-for-profits Timeframe: 3-month over the summer Click here to read the April 22nd proposal