Email to Minister Morneau

There has been much speculation, conjecture, and inaccuracies about an April 26th email from Craig Kielburger to Minister Morneau. WE Charity is proactively releasing a more lightly redacted version of the email (simply removing names).

As stated by Minister Morneau during his FINA testimony, on April 25, Minister Morneau called Craig Kielburger as part of a series of phone calls checking in with businesses and non-profits on the impact of COVID-19. During that call Minister Morneau asked general questions about Mr. Kielburger’s view of the non-for profit sector and youth. There were no discussions of the CSSG program in this call.

Given the context of the conversation about COVID-19, during the conversation Mr. Kielburger described two reports that he recently read about COVID-19 and offered to send the reports to Minister Morneau. As you will note from reading this more lightly redacted version of the email text, both were commentary from epidemiologists regarding COVID-19 second-wave predictions. To reiterate, the subject matter was not regarding CSSG.