Mark Quattrocchi

Motivational speaker. Activist. Leader.

Mark Quattrocchi is an incredible global adventurer, international educator, ambitious change-maker and, now, a world-class motivational speaker. In 2014, after taking his passion for education to an elementary school in Southern China, Mark made the bold decision to take a truly unconventional route home.

Setting out with only his bicycle and the few things he could carry, Mark began an extraordinary continent-spanning journey. Charting a path through mountains and sweeping plains, his travels brought him from China all the way through Africa and South America before ending back in his home country of Canada. By the time he set his feet back down on Canadian soil, he’d spent an incredible two years cycling through more than 40 countries.

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Speech Topics

Both of Mark’s engaging and interactive talks will inspire audiences to think outside their comfort zones to achieve their greatest potential.

The Cycle of Life: The Power of Hello

Mark’s incredible journey cycling around the world, from China back to Canada, spanned 40 countries and five continents. Rooted in this life-changing experience, Mark shares how simple human connections can change the way we see the world.

Get Doing: Around the World by Bicycle

In this humbling and relatable talk, Mark shares how audiences of all ages can start taking the steps to make the world a better place by acting today. In June 2014, Mark set out on one of the most ambitious global adventures, cycling from China across the world to Canada. Before coming to work with WE, Mark was a teacher and passionate about education, so he wanted to do more with his journey than biking from country to country. Mark decided to partner up with the WE movement and set out to raise money to build schools in developing countries around the world. He volunteered in communities along the way and in the end fundraised to build five schoolrooms in WE Villages partner communities.