Professional Experience:

  • NYC Transaction Services Market Leader

  • Managing Director, FTI

  • Senior Manager, Deloitte

  • Director of Corporate Strategy, BlackRock
Kannan Arasaratnam
Kannan Arasaratnam

Q&A with Kannan

What experience do you bring to WE Charity?

I’ve worked with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world, advising senior executives. They’ll engage me to assess financial risks, helping them to make informed decisions on transactions worth anywhere from a couple of million dollars to $50 billion.

What role do you and your team play at WE Charity?

They look to me for advice on financial and investment matters, leveraging my experience as an advisor to corporations. For example, as we go through budgeting, I’m involved as the first line of review for WE Charity’s budget. On investment matters and large expenditures like the WE Global Learning Center, I’ll help vet the numbers and make sure the Board has all the information it needs to make informed decision. I bring an independent mindset and an outside set of eyes.

Why does your work matter for our partners and donors?

It’s all about being accountable, whether it’s to donors and their dollars, to employees and their time or to young people, making sure their time and efforts have an impact.