10 ways to follow your heart <3

1. Make a playlist for a friend

Not only is it a super nice thing to do, but brain imaging technology demonstrates that listening to pleasurable music releases “feel-good” neurotransmitters.

2. Connect

Thanks to video chat and countless other technologies, we can be closer to people who are far away.

3. Share a kind word

Write a note of appreciation to one of your favorite online voices.

4. Do your research!

We like this advice from Bill Gates to Harvard’s Class of 2007: “Take on an issue—a complex problem, a deep inequity, and become a specialist on it. If you make it the focus of your career, that would be phenomenal. But you don’t have to do that to make an impact. For a few hours every week, you can use the growing power of the Internet to get informed, find others with the same interests, see the barriers and find ways to cut through them.”

5. Sign a petition

Or create one.

6. Post something uplifting

Share words that inspire and lift up your friends—maybe your own post, or perhaps a reply to something they’ve shared.

7. Take a virtual field trip

Think of somewhere in the world that you would like to travel, then find videos that will transport you there.

8. Listen to a podcast

Go deep into history, catch up on current events or explore a passion.

9. Organize a coding challenge or hack-a-thon

Brainstorm and crowd-source answers to real-world problems.

10. Follow your heart

Be thoughtful with your social media, if you use it. Add voices that inspire you to your feeds. Follow @WEmovement on Facebook and Instagram and share your ideas with the community.