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Civic Responsibility in Education: Empowering Students to Become Inspired Citizens 

Want to inspire your students to become responsible citizens? Watch our latest professional development event to hear real-world examples from teachers and how they are running service learning projects tied to civic engagment with their students. Plus, hear a keynote message from Martin Luther King III. Get accompanying free resources here.


Taking Action for Inclusive Design

Expand your student’s understanding of why inclusive design helps everyone - not just those with disabilities. Plus, hear from grade 11 student Mariah as she shares how she’s fostering community among people with disabilities in her neighbourhood.

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Taking Action for Diverse Representation 

In this global classroom, students will learn the importance of fair representation and diversity in the books they read and the media they consume. Plus, hear from teen brothers Asher and Zane about how they started their community-based program “Diverse Books Teach Tolerance” in 2020.


Well-being in Action: Bringing Resources to Life in the Classroom

Learn how to put WE Well-being into action in your class from the people who know best: other teachers. During this professional development session, hear directly from 3 extraordinary educators about how they have integrated well-being into their classroom and promoted SEL skills development. Get accompanying free resources here.

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Rethinking Service-Learning to Support Communities Through Technology

Explore technology, tools and best practices you can use to make your classroom and the benefits of service-learning accessible to all students.

Plus, get access to more Professional Development courses through our partnership with Microsoft Learn here.

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Promoting Allyship in the Classroom

Watch our free February virtual event to learn how you can support your students in their journeys as allies, with tangible tools and insights to promote allyship in your school community. Hear from thought-leaders and experts in equity, anti-racism and trauma-informed learning, including Dr. Kia Darling-Hammond, PhD, and Dr. Brenda Manuel. ​


Taking Action For The Environment & Sustainability 

Does the internet have a carbon footprint? How much water does it take to produce a T-shirt? On March 23 we learned about problems facing our environment and discovered how to take action and advocate for positive change. We also heard from students who are making an impact, such as Jesie, an environmental activist who was the publicity chair for her high school environment club and developed a composting program which is being adopted at the county level. Watch now!


A High Impact Practice – Service Learning in STEM

Whether it’s creativity, collaboration or critical thinking, service-learning is a powerful way to help your students build key STEM skills, all while making a meaningful impact in their community and world. On April 6 we hosted a free, virtual professional development event to get tangible ideas and resources to bring STEM into your classroom through service.  ​Watch now and hear from special guests including Jennifer Field, AP with WE Service Teacher and Science Chair of Nipmuc High School, who is passionate about getting students excited about science and engaging them in service; and Carla Neely, 2022 Ohio District 11 Teacher of the Year, who is an advocate for bringing more STEM opportunities to young women in urban settings. ​


Taking Action For Social Entrepreneurship 

What if every purchase you made created a better world? What if you were in charge of your own business? Watch our April Global Classroom and learn about social entrepreneurship as a tool to create positive change. Learn about how social enterprises are different from charities and traditional businesses, the importance of collaboration and networking in entrepreneurship, and feel empowered to be entrepreneurs for social change. You’ll also get to hear from student guest speakers Sedra and Shahd, who are social entrepreneurs and children’s rights activists. After growing up in Syria and moving to Canada, the decided to use their love for art to form a social enterprise selling plantable postcards to raise money for Syrian refugee children. 


Headlines of Hope – Celebrating Youth Changemakers

On May 18 we celebrated students and educators who have been doing Incredible work all year long to create positivity and change in their communities and the world. Watch with your students to re-energize them as you head into the summer break, inspiring them to take on service projects of their own. Plus, enjoy a special drumming half-time show that’s all about connecting to our well-being through music.

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Foundational Module for Social and Emotional Learning & Educator Self-Care

On January 21, we explored educator self-care strategies and social and emotional learning tools for your students. Watch to learn how to use our Foundational Module to bring social and emotional learning into your classroom, helping students develop a sense of belonging and creating an engaging classroom community.

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Taking Action with Technology

Watch a class event to learn how your students can use tech tools to create connections and give back. Participate in walk-throughs of Microsoft Forms and Flipgrid, learning how to use them to plan service-learning actions, and get inspired by students using tech to lead projects in their communities.

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Creating Diverse, Inclusive and Anti-Racist Classrooms

Watch our February 10 event, focused on taking meaningful steps to address these critical issues in your classroom. Get an overview of our new WE Teachers Anti-Racism module and leave with tools to help your students learn skills such as critical thinking, community-building and allyship.

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An initiative of WE | Made possible by Unilever
An initiative of WE | Made possible by Unilever


Unilever and WE empowering youth to take action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to help end global poverty and ensure everyone can thrive today and tomorrow.

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Promoting Gratitude, Resilience and Optimal Mental Well-Being

We hosted a free event April 28 for teachers and students, focused on mental well-being. Watch now and get everyday tools students can use to look after their own well-being and promote well-being for others in their school and community.


Creating and Maintaining Successful Service Clubs

On April 14, three educators from schools across America joined us to share their best practices for fostering a culture of service at their schools. Watch to learn how Christine Adame, Leigh Cambra and Anthony Rogers have continued to engage students in service and get them excited about it, even in this challenging year. Plus, get inspired with ideas for service projects you can also do with your class!


The Circular Economy, Sustainable Development Goals and Plastic Waste Reduction

Watch our March 24 event with your class to learn tangible ways they can take action together on key environmental topics like plastic waste reduction and the circular economy, and to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals. Plus, get inspired by hearing from other students and industry experts who have taken action!