Canada is not immune to violence

Whether it is family, domestic, gender-based, racial or gun-related, Canada is not immune to the types of violence that affect people all over the world. In 2016, there were 141 gang-related homicides in Canada—almost 47% more than in 2015. And every year, an estimated 362,000 Canadian children witness or experience family violence. To help combat violence across the country, the federal government announced in November 2017 that they would be spending $327.6 million over five years on anti-gun and gang initiatives, with an additional $100 million annually after that.

Fast Facts

  • One child or youth per day is killed or injured by a firearm in Ontario.
  • Violence can have a lifelong impact, including physical injury, disability, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • The economic cost of partner violence against Canadian women is valued at $4.8 billion annually.
  • Women living in Canadian territories experience violence at a rate 8 times higher than those living in provinces.

Preventing violence

Violence works on four different levels—individual, relationships, community and society. This large-scale issue can’t be attributed to a single cause. There are numerous factors that put people at risk of demonstrating violent behavior. This means we need to take multiple preventative measures, like promoting gender and social equality, and improving the accessibility of strong support services for victims of violence. Everyone has the right to feel safe, without threat or fear.

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