Bringing service-learning to your school

WE Schools is a series of programs designed to bring service-learning to your school. No matter what you’re interested in, we have a program that will easily integrate into your day-to-day routine, whether that’s in the classroom or out.

AP® European History with WE Service, Cairo-Durham High School

AP® with WE Service is a unique program that engages students with service-learning activities to strengthen their understanding of AP® course content and skills.

Available: In all AP®courses

By providing educational resources, sample service actions, yearlong support and partnerships like this one with the College Board, we can observe and measure the increased academic engagement of students who participate in WE Schools programming. One educator, who has been teaching AP Environmental Science for eight years, commented:

“AP Environmental Science with WE Service is a perfect fit … adding a service component to the curriculum does for students what all teachers hope to achieve—they become more engaged and compassionate, and they come to care tremendously about what they’re learning, I think, at a higher level than they would without it.” — Aaron Baker, Educator

Indigenous programs

This program brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous students to explore history and current events, examine their own privileges and perceptions, and engage with Elders and community leaders in both traditional practices and in the development of crucial leadership skills such as effective communication, action planning and consensus-building.


  • Sacred Circle
  • WE Stand Together
  • Reconciliation in Action

As a result, students participating in Sacred Circle:

  • 89% felt responsibility to be a positive mentor
  • 75% felt their voice/opinion was valued
  • 90% felt more aware of support systems available to them in the future

Learn more about Sacred Circle.

Watch the results

Leadership programs

ME to WE leadership programs are customizable learning workshops for young people that empower participants to discover their potential, explore social issues, build transferable skills and create positive social change.


  • 21st-Century Leadership Skills
  • Safe and Caring Schools
  • Customizable options

Classroom resources

Designed to easily integrate into your existing curriculum, our expectations-aligned classroom resources will support your commitment to engaging students through service-learning.


  • Global Voices
  • WE Villages Classroom Resource
  • Expectations-aligned classroom resources

Professional learning

During professional learning sessions, educator participants are presented with resources and teaching tools to engage their students in three ways: curricular with expectations-aligned lesson packages, extracurricular using our WE Schools Kit, which highlights annual campaigns, and co-curricular, including motivational speeches, action planning workshops and conferences.


  • Service-Learning Webinar Series (WE Schools)
  • Global Educator Summit
  • WE Speaks
  • WE Global Classroom

Service-learning campaigns

The WE Schools program offers experiential service-learning that will educate, empower and inspire youth to take action within their schools and communities to make a difference on a local and/or global scale. These programs focus on skill development, issues awareness and action planning.


  • Campaign guides
  • Action plans
  • Additional resources

The Social Entrepreneurship program

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation programs provide youth with the opportunity to expand on their socially innovative business plans, explore how innovation can make a difference and connect with other young entrepreneurs to collaborate. Youth will develop organizational and business skill sets while deepening their understanding of social issues—becoming powerful influencers of change.


  • Social Incubation Hub

Virtual programming

At the WE Global Learning Center we have three Global Classrooms with Skype technology that allow our schools, groups and stakeholders to connect with our WE staff, WE Villages communities and stakeholders around the world.


  • Virtual Programming
  • Virtual Program Manager