Ensuring the effectiveness of our programming

To ensure the effectiveness of our programs to empower youth around the world and provide them with the tools and resources they need to take meaningful action in their communities, WE Schools and WE Day have been subjected to multiple rounds of independent third-party reviews.

From organizations such as Mission Measurement to school board representatives to educators and youth themselves, representatives from all of our programming stakeholders have had the opportunity to review, evaluate and advise. Service-learning curriculum, student and educator resource materials, and WE Day celebrations have all been evaluated for their impact on the educational experience. Through Mission Measurement’s analysis of the WE Schools program, leading consultants found that the program:

  • increases student engagement in the classroom
  • creates a more caring school culture
  • deepens connections between students and teachers
  • develops students’ sense of responsibility toward local and global communities
  • increases lifelong commitment to philanthropy among student participants

All in-school resources provided through WE Schools programming are created by top professionals in the field of education and evaluated by school boards. Before any curricular materials can appear in schools, they are reviewed by educator- and student-led committees for their ability to enrich the educational experience of all WE Schools participants.

WE Schools student in class
WE Schools student in class

Educators and representatives of various school boards who have experienced our WE Schools programs firsthand shared this feedback

“Over the past 12 years of adopting the WE philosophy into my teaching, I have personally witnessed the positive benefits to the students, families and staff with whom I have worked. As a WE Club Staff Advisor, I marvel at how dedicated the students are in learning of and examining issues such as inequities in access to education, gender disparity, health, environment and Indigenous issues.”

My-Linh Hang Coleman, Educational Consultant, Inhabit Education, and Educator, Toronto District School Board

“Our school board has had the opportunity to work extensively with WE and ME to WE since 2009.… These resources are invaluable in that they are rich in content, accessible and free of charge…. Our Board staff carefully review these resources to ensure they are bias-free, culturally and age appropriate … and free of commercial content.”

Brian Beal, Director of Education, Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board

“In Pembina Trails we encourage our students to strive for A+ on their report cards and A+ in their character. WE are one of our partners who join us in supporting those lofty dual goals. I wholeheartedly endorse the work of WE in public education in Manitoba.”

Ted Fransen, Superintendent of Education, Pembina Trails School Division

“The curriculum and the PD provided to educators to support the curriculum each contain very high added value and, as such, provide benefits to our students well beyond the classroom. The learning materials that have been provided to our schools are free of charge, as are the yearly ‘Impact Reports’ we receive, that help us reflect to our students and the broader community the transformation happening in our schools. It is also notable that the ‘WE’ branding is limited and primarily viewed by teachers, and in all cases remains largely symbolic of the altruistic, relational philosophy behind the learning and the work.”

Loretta Notten, Director of Education, Waterloo Catholic District School Board

“WE’s focus on bringing awareness to students about global challenges, issues that they may have never fully understood until participating in WE learning activities, can help shape future community service.”

Jennifer McCrea, Assistant Deputy Minister, BC Ministry of Education

“WE means so much more than making good doable. It means providing children, youth, families and educators an opportunity to explore our world with a different lens; a lens that understands diversity, that honors culture, and that respects determination. WE empowers those through a hand up, not a handout and gives a voice to thousands whose voices were once silenced. Without WE, I can honestly say I would not be the educator I am today, nor the person I am.”

Katelyn Forgione, OCT, ECE, Educator, York Catholic District School Board

“WE recognizes those small gestures. I have been in other programs where they gladly take the money we donate and then send a generic letter in return. I like that WE personally checks on you and tells you where the money is going, and celebrates your actions. That is why WE Day is so important to my student club. My students are empowered and when we were honored last year, it emphasized that hard work pays off. We can move mountains. The WE Day events change the way my students feel about themselves and for the better.”

Irma Magaña, Educator, AP Seminar, AP Research, AP Lit. and Comp., One World Club Advisor, Lakewood High School

“Throughout the year, schools immersed in the WE Schools curriculum engage in real-world learning and critical thinking.…The WE Schools Curriculum has provided a road map on how to empower our students to be caring, responsible citizens of the world. The WE Team inspires and motivates us to be the change through our words and actions.”

Shawna Campbell, Superintendent of Education, Toronto Catholic District School Board

“I like that WE … helps my students (and my co-workers) get involved in a world that’s much bigger than my school or my community. When I see my students getting interested in a project … or have a co-worker ask me about how much clean water we can buy with the money we raised, or whenever someone asks me about my trip to Ecuador, any sense of isolation disappears and I can see the big picture”

Valerie Abbott, Student Parliament Supervisor, St. Paul’s Intermediate

“I have been lucky enough to work with teachers and students who have been directly involved in working for social change, including WE initiatives. I have witnessed firsthand the inspirational effect of WE Day, and the dedication afterwards of students and teachers digging in to their communities, figuring out where they want to work for change, and using free WE resources to support them to do so.”

Marna Macmillan, Curriculum Coordinator, Coquitlam British Columbia School District 43

“A huge benefit of the program has been the free resources for teachers and students. By having access to the campaign booklets, posters and online info, we all have key information right at our fingertips.… I feel very privileged to be able to bring the WE campaigns into Eastview P.S. to teach our students, staff and community how they can change their local and global communities.”

Rovina Subryan, Educator, Eastview Public School

“As a Superintendent, I appreciate that the WE Schools classroom resources are straightforward and easy to implement in the classroom. With the ever-increasing price of books and resources for the classroom, it is refreshing that WE Schools is about making a better world and not about making money. The logos of those organizations that have supported the development of these resources have only been placed on the teacher resources and not on the student material—that is not the case for all the materials that come into our schools.”

Reg Klassen, Chief Superintendent, Frontier School Division

“From the very start, I was impressed with the fundamental principle of the WE Schools Program in which students and schools could choose the causes they support and the organizations for which they would fundraise. The fact that there is no cost to our students to participate in the WE Schools program no cost for our students to attend WE Day is always a welcome message to parents.”

Annalisa Crudo-Perri, President, Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education