Guiding young people on their leadership journey

21st-century leadership skills empower young people with the inspiration, tools and resources to make a difference in their school or community—making a tangible impact on issues they’re passionate about.

By the numbers

As a result of participating in ME to WE Leadership Programs:


Of participants learned communication skills including active listening and public speaking


Of participants learned new skills to help them work through conflict with peers


Of participants felt they’d gained new skills to help them be a more confident leader

***Statistics from a 2014–2015 study by Mission Measurement, LLC.

Program outcomes

Our 21st-Century Leadership programs are designed to:

  • Develop awareness of leadership styles and how to leverage strengths

  • Explore decisive conflict resolution tactics

  • Learn effective communication strategies

  • Understand the power of social media and digital citizenship

  • Amplify impact by learning how to mobilize peers to achieve common goals

Connect with our leadership team

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