An innovative approach to leadership development

We recognize that every young leader, school and group is different. We’ll work with you to create a leadership program tailored to the needs of your community and the issues you’re passionate about. Whether you’re an educator, school board representative, employer, conference organizer, community leader or coach, our leadership programs offer flexibility and create tangible, measurable impacts.

By the numbers

As a result of participating in ME to WE Leadership Programs

*Statistics from a 2014–2015 study by Mission Measurement, LLC.

Building a program for your school or group

Themes, outcomes and growth—these are some of the areas we specialize in. Contact us if you have a specific topic you’d like to explore!


Bullying prevention, mentorship, global citizenship, volunteerism in the local community, social justice, team-building and bonding, girls’ empowerment, Indigenous education, understanding privilege, social innovation, arts and activism, sports and leadership


Communication skills, public speaking, speech writing, fundraising, pitching ideas, critical thinking, 21st-century skills, peer mentoring, conflict resolution


Empowerment, confidence, self-esteem, inclusivity, empathy, responsibility, initiative, community involvement, privilege recognition and reflection

Connect with our leadership team

Chat with our team to get more information and book a leadership program for your school or group. We are happy to talk with you toll-free +1 (416) 964-8942 ext. 638