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The people, the terrain, the beautiful views and the wildlife are some of the many reasons we love working in Tanzania. Located in East Africa, the country has an incredibly diverse population of over 57.3 million people (World Bank, 2017) with varied ethnic, linguistic and religious identities. It’s also home to the highest peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park and an incredible array of wildlife, including the “big five”. Approximately 38% of the country has been established as game reserves or national parks and Tanzania draws thousands of tourists every year to experience its natural and cultural diversity.

Despite the continuous flow of tourist dollars, approximately 28.2 percent of the population gets by on a little more than a dollar a day (World Bank, 2011). Tanzania has struggled to provide adequate access to education for youth and has been unable to provide sufficient health care, food security and income for all of its people, particularly those in the most rural regions.

Tanzania by the numbers

Every dollar you donate helps us help a community in India
Every dollar you donate helps us help a community in India

Every dollar you donate helps us put in place sustainable solutions that empower communities in Tanzania

Our work in Tanzania

In 2001, Tanzania eliminated fees for primary school, which led to a rapid increase in enrollment. One of the unfortunate side effects of this policy was a shortage of teachers, which reduced the quality of education the system could provide. Since then, we have worked with the Tanzanian government to improve educational outcomes through enhanced infrastructure, programming and greater incentives for teachers. The WE Villages commitment to community development has also served to unite government leaders, local elders, parents and students in the Tanzanian communities where we work.

2002 was the first year that WE began working in Tanzania, with a dedication to improving the lives of people in communities throughout the Arusha region and supporting the government with its plan to improve primary education, particularly for those in rural areas.

Our Pillars of Impact

In every country where WE Villages operates, we tailor our programs to meet the unique needs of the communities we work with, while still adhering to our five Pillars of Impact. Read how these have been implemented in Tanzania.

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