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You have the passion for making a positive difference in the world—we have the do-good program just for you! Unilever and WE want to celebrate remarkable young students like you who are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for all with the Unilever brightFuture Award. Thanks to Unilever’s wonderful support, you’ll have the unique opportunity to take your world-changing actions further with an awesome prize pack, including a week at ME to WE Take Action Camp. If you are all about creating a more sustainable, thriving community and planet, here’s your chance to apply for this amazing award!

Submit your application by May 10, 2019.

For more information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions below. For any outstanding inquiries about the brightFuture Award, email your WE Schools Program Manager at [email protected].

Past Winners

Piper Huddleston
Piper Huddleston



Saakshi has been volunteering since she was 10 years old, from leading an anti-cyberbullying social media campaign to helping at community cleanups. As a member of many sustainability groups, including Green Initiative and L.E.A.P. (Leaders in Environmental Advocacy and Protection), Saakshi believes in the importance of sustainability for future generations. She has designed an environmentally-friendly faucet and is working on starting a non-profit organization to send recycled schools supplies to students who may not have access to them.

Esperanza Lee
Esperanza Lee



For Kevin, sustainability is incredibly important because of his own experiences with nature. To help protect the environment, he has worked with his class to improve the use of the limited water they have available in their area by creating pumps to flush and cycle water through plants and wildlife, and has participated in park cleanups with his family. Kevin hopes that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy nature like he has and is looking forward to helping out more in his community.

Radoslava Pierdinock
Radoslava Pierdinock



Zachary is dedicated to building a better world for future generations. He founded Freedom 4 Life and restarted SWITCH, both social justice clubs, when he was an elementary school and high school student. He has also developed his own environmental sustainability model called REBOOT and created an art installation to remind people of how much garbage is wasted every day. He has graduated from SEED, a program that focuses on wellness, sustainability and how the two connect, and is working to create a more sustainable future for himself and others.

Bianka Oritz
Bianka Oritz



From starting a compost pile in her own backyard to joining her school’s Environmental Club, Alara is stepping up to create a better world for all. In elementary school, she helped maintain her school’s garden, and in high school she is promoting recycling. With her Environmental Club, she plans to build awareness on the issue of sustainability, implement water bottle-filling stations, remove Styrofoam trays from the cafeteria and donate food to after school programs and local food outreach charities.

Tyler Zangaglia
Tyler Zangaglia

Eve and Mya


For Eve and Mya, a better world starts with a better coffee cup. They started a petition to ask Starbucks to create a 100 percent recyclable/compostable cup after learning that billions of single-use cups are distributed every year, adding to landfills and contributing to climate change. Starbucks has committed $10 million to make this happen. Now, with over 347,000 signatures in their petition, Eve and Mya are speaking up to create a more sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions


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