Get Career Ready!

WE and KPMG in Canada are joining forces to give you the tools you need to enter the workforce, land your first job and take action! From strengthening your communication skills to growing as a leader, we’re creating a package of resources to help you on your path to success.

Emotional Learning

Emotional learning is essential to help you understand yourself and others around you better. It equips you with the skills required to be aware of your emotions and manage them, which in turn helps you grow both personally and professionally. Check out our workbook and videos to learn more!

Self Awareness
Social Awareness
Self Management

Project Management

Project management skills can be used for more than just planning events – they are transferable skills that can be applied in the workplace and everyday life. Check out our workbook and videos to learn more!

The Art of Budgeting
Building a Project Team
Forming an Action Team


Effective communication skills are essential not only to your success but also in helping shape the future. When put into action, these skills will help you reach your full potential, empower you and those around you, and support you in contributing to society. Check out our workbook and videos to learn more!

Preparing a good speech, pitch or story
The Art of Storytelling
The Power of Body Language

Why do these skills matter?

KPMG believes in the power of young people. With this program, KPMG and WE are providing youth with the skills to be successful and make a difference, helping to empower the next generation of leaders, difference-makers and doers to change the world.