Open Letter from the Canadian and US Board of Directors

July 23, 2020

The Board of Directors has carefully reflected on the experiences shared by WE Charity’s current and former employees and other stakeholders in recent days. We hear you. We take your concerns seriously. That’s why we have struck a Special Committee of independent directors who have retained independent professionals to conduct a review of concerns expressed about systemic and direct discrimination against Black, Indigenous, Persons of Colours (“BIPOC”) employees. The Board wants to ensure that all employees, especially BIPOC employees, thrive within our organization. You deserve nothing less.

The independent team is comprised of talented professionals who are BIPOC with strong credentials in labour and employment, the education sector, and in anti-racism work and workplace reviews.

Our review is the first step to better understanding your concerns and better ensuring an equitable workplace. We expect the review to be expeditious and thorough. In the coming days, we will provide employees and former employees with the opportunity to contact the review team to share their experiences. We will also proactively contact employees and former employees who have stepped forward. To ensure transparency, we will share with you our lessons learned from the review. The Board wholeheartedly agrees with the sentiment expressed by some of you -- WE Are Stronger Together.

Your truly,

The Canadian and US Board of Directors

WE have launched a formal listening process. If you'd like to share with us, please email [email protected].