Bon Voyage: Must-know packing tips

Travelling on a ME to WE adventure? Follow these 5 travel tips to pack like a pro!


Bon Voyage: Must-know packing tips

Travelling on a ME to WE adventure? Follow these 5 travel tips to pack like a pro!


When Sophie Stevens was preparing to head out on her first trip to Kenya, she was stumped. The idea of travelling more than 12,000km was exhilarating, but also, a little nerve racking. At the root of her stress was, how do you pack for the travel adventure of a lifetime?

Now a seasoned pro—she recently returned from the Amazon—we’ve recruited her to remove the mystery from packing as a first-time ME to WE traveller.

How to: Pack Like a Pro | 5 Travel Packing Tips

Tip 1: You bring it, you carry it.

You might be travelling into the Maasai Mara in Kenya, winding through the mountains in India, or canoeing through the Amazon rainforest. And you’ll be responsible for carrying whatever you packed, and whatever you packed it in.

You want a travel pack that can withstand the rough and tumble of travel, while comfortable to carry i.e., no rolling suitcases. Wheels are a no-no for these terrains. We suggest one hiker’s backpack and one carry-on. Your carry-on will also serve as your day pack, so a comfortable and light backpack is perfect.

Tip 2: Check your packing list.

Since you’re going to carry whatever you pack, not over-packing is key.

So how do you ensure you have everything you need? Your packing list!

Every ME to WE destination has a packing list that corresponds with the season you are travelling in. (It’s not always hot in Kenya, it’s not always Monsoon season in India, it’s not… well, it is always humid in the Amazon).

Use your packing list as a checklist and you’ll have what you need, and limit what you don’t.

Tip 3: Carry on luggage.

Lay out all the items you have to pack (using your trusty packing list as your resource to decide what to toss and what to keep).

Pause. Reflect. Divide.

Separate out your items for your carry on. Key items include: Your passport, money, toothbrush and toothpaste for travelling, one extra set of clothes with undergarments, prescription medication, your camera, your water bottle, a book, and we recommend keeping your journal handy.

Tip 4: Stop. Drop. Roll.

Time to start packing that hiker’s backpack!

To make the most of space: 1.) roll your clothes for efficiency. 2.) Wear your runners on the plane—so you don’t need to pack them. 3.) Pack your bag in sections (all long pants together, all t-shirts next to that) to stay as organized as possible. 4.) Roll your socks and fit them into any nooks and crannies in your pack.

Tip 5: Clean outfit.

Listen up, this is an insider tip: Pack one clean outfit in a separate ziplock bag. Keep this in your backpack for the duration of your trip and only pull it out when it’s time to go home. We know you don’t want to think about leaving, but this ensures you have a clean and comfortable outfit to wear on the long plane ride home.