Frequently Asked Questions

WE Charity’s vision for sustainable change is reflected in everything we do—and our fundraising model is no exception. By honouring every donation, from creative coin collections led by students to corporate partnerships, we have an industry-leading policy of financial responsibility that ensures all contributions are spent effectively, to create meaningful change.

Please note that the following financial information relates to the operations of WE Charity in the UK.

WE Charity in the UK spends, on average, 24% of annual funds initiating and supporting international development programmes. The organisation has been widely recognised for its sustainable, scalable development model called WE Villages. International project expenses include direct cash and in-kind contributions.

Direct funding is often spent on building schools, providing water programmes or paying for a community garden to ensure children have healthy food to eat at lunch. The development programmes are administered on a multi-year basis and include programme development, capacity building as well as specific capital investments in the communities. WE Charity’s international work would not be possible without critical in-kind contributions, the majority of which are medical and school supplies collected, distributed and administered according to our development model.

Approximately 13% of annual funding is spent on non-project-related costs associated with the management of the organisation, including human resources functions, accounting, and office premises and supplies. On average, approximately 63% of annual funding supports domestic programming, from WE Schools campaigns to educational resources, working with young people, schools, families and corporations.

WE Charity is audited annually. An experienced, volunteer Board of Directors oversees the work of WE Charity, which includes setting policies and procedures, as well as monitoring our budget and expenses to ensure funds are spent wisely.

WE Charity implements WE Villages, an international development model to end poverty. It’s not a handout or a single solution, but a combination of key interventions led by Five Pillars of Impact: Education, Water, Health, Food, and Opportunity. WE Villages focuses on both infrastructure and the distribution of key inputs, and training and educational programming are an essential component of the work that we do.

All the Gift of Impact items are symbolic of projects or programming in the countries where WE Villages is implemented, and are associated with specific Pillars of Impact. The suggested donation amounts are based on average costs in the nine countries in which we operate.

Funds from Gift of Impact items will be used to purchase the selected item where locally appropriate, or will be put towards an associated project or programme within the Pillar, ensuring a sustainable and holistic impact that takes into consideration the specific needs of the communities we work with.

For example: When a donation is made towards the purchase of a goat, depending on the needs on the ground and the local culture, the funds can be used to purchase goats, or they will be used for similar support in animal husbandry and other income-generating projects within our Opportunity Pillar. These funds will also go to support programming like ensuring regular veterinary visits and training on proper animal husbandry management (e.g. identifying disease and ensuring proper nutrition), in addition to workshops in financial literacy, skill-building in business and income-generation, and group formation. This ensures your donation makes the most significant and sustainable impact possible.

On average, at least 87% of money raised goes directly to support our projects and programmes—around 13% of money raised is spent on administration.

WE Charity works diligently to ensure that donations are used effectively and efficiently. We want as much of our funding as possible to support programmes that empower children in the developed and developing worlds. To that end, unlike other non-profit organisations:

  • We don’t employ third-party fundraising organisations to solicit money on our behalf.
  • We don’t do direct mail campaigns to solicit new donors.
  • We don’t use telemarketers.
  • We don’t hire high priced fundraising consultants.
  • We don’t produce or pay for television commercials or pay TV networks to air our programming to solicit donations.
  • ME to WE, our social enterprise partner, supports the global work of WE Charity through cash and in-kind donations. ME to WE donates at least 50% of net profit after taxes to WE Charity globally, supporting the administration costs of the global charity while re-investing the other half to ensure sustainability.

We are audited every year in Canada, the United States and the UK by an independent third party auditing and accounting firm. Every year, WE Charity has received an unqualified audit rating, which is the highest possible rating for such a report. It is a “clean opinion.” This means that our auditors have found no questions or concerns about our financial accountability and transparency, and have fully vetted our donor information.

WE Charity is a registered charity in the UK, Canada and the United States.

    WE Charity England and Wales Registered Charity Number: 1138645
    WE Charity Scotland Registered Charity Number: SC045815
    WE Charity Canada Tax ID: 88657 8095 RR0001
    WE Charity United States Tax ID: 501 (c)(3)-16-1533544

Independent third parties have validated our administrative efficiency, programme effectiveness and overall excellence.

Qualified UK tax payers can make their donations worth a quarter more by claiming Gift Aid. 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 qualifying donation can be reclaimed by the charity from the tax the donor pays for the current tax year.

WE Charity’s model of development focuses on sustainability and providing a hand up instead of handouts to the communities that we partner with. WE Charity purchases supplies, resources and equipment locally whenever it is possible. This helps support the local economy and ensures that all goods are culturally appropriate. WE Charity currently accepts in-kind donations of medical supplies and equipment when appropriate and ensures that they are distributed in a respectful and equitable manner. To date WE Charity has collected, sent and distributed over $36 million in medical supplies.

One of our core values is honouring every stakeholder and we adhere to that value by being fully transparent in all our operations. When you donate to our international projects, you will receive periodic updates on the impact of your support. In addition, you will gain access to our online microsites page so that you can track updates from the country and community of your interest.

Thank you for your generous support!

As a school, when you make a one-time donation online, you will be prompted to tell us whether you would like to donate to a specific country, Pillar of Impact and/or project. If you have no preference, your donation will be allocated according to where the need is greatest.

As an individual, you will be asked to tick a box to indicate whether you would like to donate to our international or domestic programmes. Your donation will then be allocated to the greatest need within these projects.

If you are making your donation via cheque, please send it along with this form to WE Charity, 14 Bowden Street, London, SE11 4DS.

Please note that not all pillars are active in every country where we operate, meaning your donation may be allocated to greatest need within your chosen country. For example, in our newest partner country, Ethiopia, we are currently only accepting donations for the Education Pillar.

The WE Villages model of development works by partnering with communities and governments to identify and address the individual community’s areas of highest need. Whilst we aim to implement all five pillars in the longer-term, our teams work alongside community members to monitor the pace and success of development. By moving with sensitivity and care, we ensure the whole community is involved in each project, helping to keep them running in years to come.

Please email [email protected] to learn more.

Congratulations on your fundraising efforts! If you are over the age of 18, we encourage you to make your donation using our donation platform. Otherwise, please ask an adult to make the donation on your behalf. Here’s how:

    If you have fundraised for a specific donation item, such as a goat for £30, select it from the catalogue and click the ADD button.
    If you have fundraised a sum of money, simply enter the amount you would like to donate in the grey bar and click the DONATE button.
    To complete your donation, view your basket and follow the steps.

When making a donation with a catalogue item, your donation will be matched to your chosen Pillar or Impact. However, we cannot guarantee that donations will go to your preferred country.

When making a one-time donation, you will be prompted to tell us whether you would like to donate to a specific country, Pillar of Impact and/or project. If you have no preference, your donation will be allocated according to where the need is greatest.

Please email [email protected] to learn more.