Our mission is to support our dedicated network of teachers to get the most from WE Schools, empowering each one to have a positive impact on their students, communities and the wider world. Through our informal and formal professional development training, teachers can begin a personal learning journey with WE Schools. Whether you want to start an extra curricular club, grow the enrichment programmes within your school or embed active citizenship throughout your entire curriculum, our trainings are the best place to start.

Informal Learning

Every school is unique. As a teacher, you know your students best—their needs, aspirations and skills. That’s why our informal learning programme puts you in the driving seat. Interactive sessions delivered by our expert team, as well as professional networking opportunities, support teachers to shape their school’s active citizenship goals and projects. By directing your own learning, you can learn at your own pace and achieve the best outcomes for your students, school and community.


Through interactive webinars, teachers are introduced to the power of active citizenship. Step-by-step, our expert team will guide you through a specific topic or theme, helping you to bring social action into your classroom. During each webinar, we equip you with relevant tools and resources, highlight examples of best practice and offer practical advice to enable you to move your project forwards with confidence. The current webinars we have available are:

Fundraising Support

Fundraising Support

Learn more about our global fundraising initiatives this year—WE Walk For Water, WE Are Silent, and WE Are Rafikis. Explore classroom resources available for each initiative, gain ideas of how to implement within your school, as well as the impact your donations will have as part of our WE Villages sustainable international development programme.

Campaign Support

Campaign Support

Explore local issues that affect your area and how you can use our action campaign resources to tackle these. From the environment to local food poverty, join our WE Schools team members to walk through our step-by-step guides and resources.

WE Day

WE Day

Inspire and celebrate with your group of change-makers by attending WE Day UK on 6 March 2019! Take part in these sessions to learn more about the event, what is required to attend, and a timeline for logistics and processes.

Social Action

Planning Your Year of Social Action

Learn more about how to kick-start a year of social action with WE Schools by delving into our fantastic digital resources and discover how schools in the past have integrated our action campaigns and fundraising initiatives across a school year.


Implementing WE Schools into Your Curriculum

Learn how WE Schools can seamlessly fit into different parts of your curriculum. You will be shown how our lesson plans and campaign guides can be used across curriculum subjects, within the RRSA, or to support your after school clubs.

Awards and Scholarships Support

Awards and Scholarships Support

We have a number of awards and scholarships this year to support your students and make their social action projects even bigger and better! You’ll find out about each award and scholarship available to your school this academic year, including application requirements, examples of past winners, and ideas of what you can use the funding for!

To sign up to one of our webinars, please email [email protected].


Our network of teachers believes that some of the most powerful learning opportunities happen when you make a meaningful difference in the world. As a member of our WE Schools community, you have access to a range of opportunities for networking and peer-to-peer support. By bringing our community of educationalists together, teachers can meet like-minded professionals, share best practice and celebrate their successes.

Previous events

Most recently, we brought thirty teachers together to share their experiences of WE Schools and learn from one another’s social action projects. By taking part in facilitated activities around the issue of clean water, they also gained practical knowledge and ideas to take back to their schools. The evening ended with a performance from the Kenyan Boys Choir, who shot to fame after performing at Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Kenyan Boys Choir

“Watching the Kenyan Boys Choir tonight makes me feel much more global. I suddenly feel a bigger connection [to WE], not just in London and the UK, but to Canada and the rest of the world,”
—Jennifer Chalmers, Teacher, Hendon School

WE Schools Teachers’ Forum

The WE Schools Teachers’ Forum gives teachers the opportunity to shape the WE Schools programme in the UK, by providing vital feedback on the programme’s resources, delivery and strategic direction.

WE Schools Teachers' Forum member

Through collaborative discussions and workshops with educationalists from across the sector, the forum seeks to critically reflect on and evaluate the WE Schools programme, ensuring it remains relevant to the ever-changing landscape of education.

By participating in the forum, teachers develop professional skills through:

  • Creating a whole-school approach to active citizenship
  • Sharing ideas for best practice and networking
  • Embedding WE Schools into the curriculum
  • Facilitation skills
  • Utilising the WE Schools Kit
  • Action planning skills
  • Issues modules and workshops

“WE makes us feel like we’re part of a big family of educators!”
—WE Schools Teachers’ Forum member

WE Schools is always evolving to keep our learning materials fresh and relevant and we enjoy bringing together great teachers to reignite the fundamental purpose of education. Teachers’ forum meetings are held in London, Nottingham, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. To get involved or to find out more, email [email protected].

Formal Learning

We are excited to announce that we are developing formal learning and professional development training. Please check back on this page for updates in the coming months.