Every day students are stepping up and making a difference in their local community and world at large. To Live WE at School is to recognise that no matter your age or where you live, we can all make a positive impact – whether that’s volunteering, fundraising or raising awareness for causes that matter.

Live WE at School

Classrooms are transformed through active citizenship campaigns. Teachers are inspired and students are empowered to become change-makers for life.

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WE Schools

Through educational resources and active citizenship campaigns, students further their curricular learning and develop the life skills for success.

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Bring a Speaker

For real inspiration, invite a WE Speaker and Facilitator to your school and watch as their unique stories help your whole school unlock their passions.

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Awards and Scholarships

WE Schools offers a variety of awards, scholarships and grants to support student groups and individuals on their journey towards living WE.

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Join the WE Movement

WE is a movement that empowers people to change the world. Make your actions count.
Take the WE Pledge.

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