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Take a vow of silence to turn up the volume on the struggles of young people fighting for their basic human rights. Collect sponsorship for every hour you go silent and raise money for WE Villages.

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Education is the first step to breaking the cycle of poverty, but millions of children around the world face barriers that prevent them from attending school.

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Using art for change

Turning Art into Empathy

The stroke of a paint brush. The scratch of a pencil. The snip of scissors. Art can broaden worldviews, shape opinions and allow us to express ourselves. At Rokesly Junior School in the London Borough of Haringey, pupils combined two powerful forms of reflection—art and silence—to raise awareness of worldwide water issues.

After hearing how their classmate had become ill from drinking dirty water, and discovering that this is the daily reality for many children around the world, Rokesly pupils voted to take action. No one should have to live without clean water. For three years, pupils have looked at water from every angle, from exploring water conservation to investigating water usage in different countries. To share their passions with others, the school came together for an awe-inspiring awareness-raiser: WE Are Silent.

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To prepare for their quiet campaign, a group of pupils taught basic sign language, such as thank you, please, yes and no. By sharing their skills with their school, these signing specialists have enhanced their classmates’ communication skills far beyond the event!

Art was at the centre of the school’s action. Through self-expression, pupils could reflect on their project’s impact. With videos and images of dirty water as their stimulus, pupils were able to put themselves in the shoes of children living in developing countries.

Some created collages of raindrops, whilst others painted water colours, turning the hard paint into beautiful images with the addition of water. In Year 5, pupils recycled old t-shirts into WE Are Silent campaign t-shirts, enabling them to spread their message with every wear.

Naomi Adams, Year 4 Teacher at Rokesly Junior School, believes the project has developed her pupils’ global awareness. “WE Schools is helping our children to understand the world we live in, and it’s very fulfilling to see. Our pupils now talk about their impact on the planet all the time! To me, education is about raising citizens and making pupils’ bubbles bigger. This is what our water project has helped us to achieve,” she said.

By going silent and getting creative for one hour, the whole school turned art into empathy, helping everyone to understand the impact of clean water. Equipped with a thorough understanding of water issues, pupils and staff will spread the word for years to come.

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