WE Bake For Change

Host a cake sale to raise money for WE Villages.

WE Bake for Change

Food + Cake Sale = Change

Give families the ingredients they need for a better future. Host a cake sale and help raise money to fight food insecurity in WE Villages’ partner communities. Click below to get started.

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Healthy food is essential for having good quality of life, but currently, nearly 800 million people do not have enough food to lead an active, productive life.

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A Recipe for World-Change

“We are all in this together” is the motto of Paramos, a group of young women from Milton Keynes College who are determined to change the world. And together, they have discovered the perfect recipe for giving back!

1. Whip up a world-changing idea. At WE Day UK, the group heard stories of the thousands of young women worldwide who must travel long distances to fetch water every day. These women are the same age as them, with many of the same dreams, yet their lives seemed worlds apart. Paramos were determined to help.

2. Divide into equal teams. A WE Bake For Change cake sale was a guaranteed way to make a big impact, fact! Not only would their fellow students benefit from the cakes at break time, but money would be raised as well. To put their individual talents to the best use, the group split into baking, sales and marketing teams, with one champion change-maker taking the lead on their foodie fundraiser.

3. Share a slice of the action. To spread the word, the marketing team took to social media, sharing details of their special sale using the tag line “Water changes lives.” They even created a short promo video to whip up awareness far beyond the confines of the College!

4. Rise to the challenge. With a pinch of persuasion and a heap of delicious treats, the sale was an overwhelming success. To incentivise customers (and up their impact!), the group gave away free drinks with every purchase, a top sales technique!

5. Soak up the life-changing impact. Together, Paramos raised an incredible £74 for WE Villages, opening doors and changing lives for women around the world. Together, these young people are proving that they are future leaders.

Follow Paramos’ recipe for a better world! Use these five simple steps to make life a little sweeter for families living in our WE Villages partner communities.

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