We believe in measuring the impact of our programmes to make sure we’re delivering world-class resources. We called in leading social impact consultants from Mission Measurement to help us understand how the WE Schools programme helps teachers empower the next generation of compassionate leaders. Because of our dedicated educational partners, we are able to see incredible, transformative outcomes in students across the UK and North America.

WE Schools Transforms Young People into Active Citizens
8989% of teachers
think their students feel a greater connection to their local community.
8383% of teachers
believe their students demonstrate more
consideration of local and global issues in
their everyday life choices.
8686% of teachers
deem their students more likely to stand up
for others that are treated unfairly because of
their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
WE Schools Empowers Teachers
8181% of teachers
feel a renewed inspiration for teaching
and engaging with young people.
8282% of teachers
agree they are better equipped to teach about social
justice issues through citizenship-based learning.
8080% of teachers
feel they have more meaningful relationships
with students in their group or school.
WE Schools Prepares Young Leaders
8787% of teachers
believe their students have developed
stronger communication skills.
8888% of teachers
feel their students demonstrate increased
leadership among their peers.
8585% of teachers
said their students are more able to
work effectively and respectfully in diverse teams.