The relationship between WE and its media partners are built on a foundation of common respect and a shared goal of raising a generation of engaged and informed citizens. WE works with media to develop free resources that empower teachers to support their youth to deeply understand the issues covered in the press—be it television, print, radio or online. Whether it’s the Global Voices program or independent requests for news, lifestyle or entertainment interviews, we have always welcomed questions from the media and have worked transparently with newsrooms and editorial departments.

Separately, we partner with the marketing and advertising departments of media outlets. As corporate entities, media has a long tradition of giving-back through partnerships with non-profits and social causes. As is common practice within the charitable sector, we do offer media outlets the opportunity to become sponsors in support of select WE initiatives and events, such as WE Day. These media outlets are involved in sponsoring events that uplift and support their communities, in a marketing/advertising capacity. It is a long-standing practice and is not driven by the news-gathering/editorial functions but by the business and community outreach divisions.

WE Charity is also grateful to media organizations that provide PSAs and in-kind media opportunities that can bring awareness to important social campaigns that help us further our mission.




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