Media organizations have a strong tradition of supporting their communities through providing in-kind marketing and advertising to deserving causes and organizations. This long-standing practice is done by the business and community outreach divisions.

Media organizations that provide PSAs and in-kind media opportunities play an important role in amplifying the mission of WE Charity and to expand our reach across Canada and beyond. With their support, WE Charity can bring awareness to important social campaigns that help us better our communities and our world.

Through cost-free advertising and in-kind services, our media partners have supported powerful initiatives such as WE Walk For Water—a campaign that encourages youth to walk to their local waterways to understand and raise awareness about the importance of clean water—and holiday messages encouraging people to give gifts of impact to those in need around the world.

WE Charity is grateful to media organizations that provide PSAs and in-kind media opportunities, such as remnant ad space, to bring awareness to issues of importance. Provided cost-free, PSAs and in-kind support helps WE Charity maintain a low administration rate of 10%, ensuring 90% goes directly to changing lives.

WE Walk For Water

WE Walk For Water

Remembrance Day

Girls and STEM