The Junior World-Changers Kit

The Junior World-Changers Kit is a fun and practical resource for teachers to introduce younger students to social justice issues and activism.
Through Free The Children’s Educate, Empower, Engage model, the Kit uses hands-on activities that help students understand the daily reality for many of their peers around the world, while providing them with a positive outlet to turn their raw emotional reactions into constructive action.
The lessons and activities in the Kit lay out a path that students can take throughout their lives, for whichever issue or issues they become passionate about and for whichever skills they need to achieve their goals.

What’s in the Kit?

Full Set of Lesson Plans

This booklet contains “Foundation Lessons” to begin a global journey into social justice, as well as assessment rubrics, learning goals and the different tracks for using the Junior World-Changers Kit.
Following the Foundation Lessons, Educate introduces students to the seven countries where Free The Children works, then dives into four key social issues: education, health care, poverty and clean water and sanitation. Educate wraps up with a guided reading activity that connects students to their peers at home and around the world.
Focusing on the skills of citizenship, communication and team building, Empower helps students develop the skills and confidence needed to be active global citizens. Each section contains three activities of varying lengths and involvement and cater to different learning styles.
With the knowledge and skills of a world-changer, students are encouraged to actively engage with the issues they are learning about. Engage helps teachers guide their students through the action planning and execution process, introducing Free The Children’s youth-led campaigns and providing students with ways to get involved in their local and global communities

Country Guides

Six fun country guides take students on journeys through each of Free The Children’s Adopt a Village countries (Kenya, Sierra Leone, Haiti, Ecuador, Nicaragua, China and India), introducing them to the culture, language, geography and social/environmental challenges of each one.

Download the booklets for each country:
Kenya (Download), Sierra Leone (Download), Haiti (Download), Ecuador and Nicaragua (Download), China (Download) and India (Download)

Stories from Around the World

This compilation of stories from Free The Children’s international network spans tales of friendship and compassion, stories of hardship and the strength of a community, and snapshots of inspiring youth in North America striving to make the world a better place.


Kit CD

The Kit CD supplements all the educational materials with a multimedia experience. It contains videos and pictures from Free The Children’s international projects, episodes of Shameless Idealists, PDF versions of all the resources in the Junior World-Changers Kit and separated PDFs of Blackline Masters for easy printing.

Download the songs for each country:
Kenya (Download), Sierra Leone (Download), Haiti (Download), Ecuador (Download), China (Download) and India (Download)

Adopt a Village Poster

Hung in the classroom, the youthful, engaging poster can be used to track students’ fundraising efforts, keeping them engaged throughout the year. The poster also serves as a visual tool to teach about social justice, community development and the Adopt a Village model.

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