Passion to Heal℠ provides dermatologists and dermatology practitioners with the opportunity to travel on a fully funded trip to Kenya or India to help transform health care for thousands of children and community members.


Why Passion to Heal℠ Medical Volunteer Trips?

In Free The Children communities, we’ve seen inspiring advancements in basic health care. Specialized care, however, remains out of reach for many of our rural community members. Without expertise in dermatology, doctors struggle to treat and diagnose skin conditions, which are widespread across many rural communities; a 1999 study found that 32.4% of children screened in rural Kenya suffered from skin disease.


Through Passion to Heal℠, an initiative of Valeant Pharmaceuticals NA LLC (VPNA), Free The Children has developed a comprehensive program for advanced diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions in rural Kenya and India through medical volunteer trips. In collaboration with Free The Children’s implementation partner, ME to WE Trips, the Passion to Heal℠ initiative funds the cost of the medical volunteer trips. This provides American dermatologists the opportunity to travel free of charge to help treat and educate community members, and train local clinicians to create sustainable solutions.

Medical Volunteer Trips
Medical Volunteer Trips 2

Join Us on a Medical Volunteer Trip

Change other’s lives and your own by traveling to Kenya or India this year. 
Trip dates are as follows:

KENYA: JANUARY 28 – FEBRUARY 7, 2016 | MARCH 4 – 13, 2017

If you have any questions about the program or are interested in learning more about a potential volunteer opportunity in 2016, please email [email protected]

The Medical Volunteer Trips are free of charge for trip participants, costs are covered by the generous support of VPNA. For more information, refer to the sample itineraries below.

“Passion To Heal℠ has renewed my reason for practicing medicine in the first place—helping others in need.”

Medical Volunteer Trip Participant


About The Trip

About the Trip

Participants on a Medical Volunteer Trip will have a lasting impact on the level of health care in rural communities. The trip will include the following:

  1. Screening students in Free The Children primary schools for potential skin conditions.
  2. Diagnosing and prescribing treatment for students and community members.
  3. Preventing further illnesses by identifying potential causes of common dermatological conditions present in these communities.
  4. Working with our local health care team to build their capacity for diagnosis and ability to provide optimal treatment for a range of skin conditions.



Health: Part of a Holistic Development Model

Health care is implemented across Free The Children communities as part of its sustainable development model, Adopt a Village. Designed to meet the basic needs of developing communities and to eliminate the obstacles preventing children from accessing education, Adopt a Village is made up of five pillars: Education, Clean Water and Sanitation, Health, Alternative Income and Livelihood, and Agriculture and Food Security. Adopt a Village programming takes place in Kenya, India, Ecuador, Nicaragua, rural China, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Haiti.


Free The Children works in Kenya’s Narok South District, home to the Maasai Mara, providing health care programming that includes community and health education programs, mobile health clinics, school-based health clubs and nutrition programs, and health clinic services.


India officially became one of Free The Children’s Adopt a Village countries in 2008. Since then, we have implemented health programming in the Rajasthan region with a focus on health education and outreach, mobile health clinics, and the construction and repair of Anginwadis (local health resource centres).


A selection committee at Free The Children will review all applications and make the selections. The ideal candidate provides all valid documentation in a timely manner and has some previous experience in volunteering and medical volunteer trips. The ideal candidate demonstrates a keen interest in health, specifically the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions, and the Passion to Heal℠ program.

Four Passion to Heal℠ trips will run in 2016-2017. 20 participants will be eligible for each trip to Kenya, and 10 for each trip to India.

Generally, no. Passion to Heal℠ trips are restricted to dermatologists and dermatology mid-level practitioners. If you do have family, co-workers, or friends that meet the above requirements, please indicate on your application.

Applicants will be notified by email or phone if they have been selected for a Passion to Heal℠ trip.

Program participants must agree to:

  • Share photocopy of required documents for their application
  • Be responsible for obtaining a valid passport and visitor visa (if applicable) prior to their trip
  • Make arrangements to visit a travel medical clinic at least 6 weeks prior to their trip
  • Take all immunizations and preventative medicine recommended by a recognized travel medical clinic in advance of their trip
  • Respect and abide by all rules and directives of ME to WE staff
  • Represent themselves in a professional manner at all times
  • Fill out end-of-trip document (questions about trip experience)

Program participants are encouraged to:

  • Take and share photos, and participate in social media opportunities provided by Free The Children and ME to WE
  • Share your experience with colleagues
  • Participate in the webinars offered

No, Passion to Heal℠ is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Applications of first-time participants will be the only applications viewed.

The Passion to Heal℠ Medical Volunteer Trip is free for all participants.

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