In 2018, WE set out to change the world.


This year, we reached out. We rallied. We walked. We looked out for one another. Because we know that we are stronger together.

2018 was a year of impacts. We partnered with 10 new WE Villages communities around the world to help end the cycle of poverty, and created new opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. We mobilized for the inaugural WE Walk for Water campaign, with students from 2,000 schools marching to fundraise for the right to clean water. We launched the WE Well-being initiative to help empower young people and their families with the tools to look after their mental health, because true change starts within.

In 2018, with the support and dedication of a movement of change-makers, we made the world a better place.

Check out some of the incredible impacts we made together over the last 365 days, and let’s find the inspiration to “get doing” in the year ahead.

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