Canada’s capital city is preparing for the event of the season. WE Day Ottawa is coming to town!

By Staff


What do you get when you put thought leaders, internationally celebrated entertainers and zealous youth together in a stadium and ask them to speak out about the cause closest to their heart? A rally of world changing proportions.

On November 15, this trifecta of change-makers will descend upon the Canadian Tire Centre in the capital for WE Day Ottawa, including philanthropist and activist, Rick Hansen (the Man in Motion himself); documentary filmmaker, author and journalist, Alexandre Trudeau; and country music’s rising star, Brett Kissel.

The on-stage talent will be there to pump up the crowd with a mix of inspiring speeches from guests like Olympian-turned-bestselling author Silken Lauman and spectacular performances from WE Day favourites, such as the Kenyan Boys Choir. Given students in the audience will have earned their way to WE Day through volunteer hours, you can expect a spirited bunch—ready to celebrate their joint achievements. High fives all around!

Below, we’ve rounded up a sneak peek at the lineup WE Day Ottawa has in store for you.


Erik Karlsson is celebrated as the best offensive defenseman to take the ice in the past 25 years—a fact agreed upon by fans and sports journalists, alike. Outside of the rink, the Ottawa Senators captain brings the same dynamism to his everyday life, as he does the game. This extends to his passion for charity. Whether talking part in team efforts led through the Ottawa Senators Foundation—like the 2016 Ferguslea Senators Soirée: Cuban Cabaret, which raised over $350,000 in donations for sports, recreation and educational programing for underprivileged kids—or helming his own charity initiatives, the Swedish born hockey player is always the first to step up in support of his community. A true face of Ottawa, when this WE Day speaker takes the stage, expect the hometown audience to welcome him with deafening cheers.


Disney launched her into mega stardom with Kickin’ It, and now Olivia Holt is using her Hollywood cachet to do more than build her audience base; she’s out to motivate fans to get involved with the world around them. How? Leading by example. Whether visiting with patients at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital—as she did last year during the holiday season—or encouraging youth to give back by way of guest appearances at WE Day (she’s now a veteran!), the actress/singer is conscious to make time for doing good. Born in Tennessee, the entertainer will be bringing southern charm on stage with her—combine that with her inspirational vision and you’ve got a mesmerized audience and another win for Gen WE.


Talk about a WE superstar. Mitch Kurylowicz started his career as a change-maker with us when just a kid. Then, after one especially inspirational volunteer trip with ME to WE, a 12-year-old Mitch came up with an idea that would change the lives of boys his age in Kenya. By the age of 18, he would see this idea-turned-plan (coined Project Jenga) become a one million dollar charity venture that would see WE Villages build a school where none had existed before. With the school now nearing the end of its inaugural year, we can’t wait for this WE Day speaker to share his journey and the milestones that have defined it.


Obstacles don’t scare Sarah Wells. This Olympian’s reputation was forged through overcoming challenges and achieving the incredible. Take her debut at the London Olympics in 2012, which came despite an injury that had her sidelined for months just the year before. Outside of competitive sports, this impressive athlete is coaching young people to pursue their dreams through the Believe Initiative in partnership with RBC, founded on—fittingly—a message of resilience. Evidently someone who understands the importance of mentoring, audiences will want to stand up and listen when this Olympic medal winner takes the stage to speak about Gen WE and the path forward.


Born in the Republic of Korea, Ban Ki-moon was inspired to pursue a career in public service after witnessing firsthand how the United Nations helps countries, like his own, recover and rebuild during periods of war. The eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations, he held office from January 2007 to the end of 2016, during which time he ushered in the creation of UN Women (an agency honoured at WE Day UN in New York earlier this month). As a committed advocate for women’s rights and gender equality, his efforts have gone towards campaigns including “Unite to End Violence against Women.” A diplomat who has spent his career getting issues on the global agenda, there’s no doubt that the audience will be captive when Ban Ki-moon takes the stage.

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