Check out the highlights from WE Day Toronto & WE Day Family—double the shows, double the impact and double the fun.

By Staff


A packed Air Canada Centre (ACC) burst blue yesterday, shining new light and inspiration upon a stadium of young people—brought together through world changing volunteer efforts.

Celebs and world leaders hit WE’s signature blue carpet in the early morning, while fan excitement filled the air—just a small indication of the enthusiasm that would mark the entire day.

From here, we moved onto the show itself, with performances by stars like Kelly Clarkson and Vanessa Hudgens, mixed in with inspirational messages from icons including UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon and a surprise guest (hint: he travelled from across the pond and has been known to frequent Kensington Palace). All in all, the day set students and families on the right track for the new school year.

Speaking of track, did we mention that Ontario’s own Olympic medal winning sprinter Andre De Grasse raced fellow Olympian Penny Oleksiak down an actual track in the Bremner Loop (more commonly known to Toronto Raptor’s fans as “Jurassic Park”)? Yeah… that happened, and this was just one of the many unforgettable moments from this year’s WE Day Toronto & WE Day Family.

Below, a rundown of more inspirational and incredible moments that made this show one for the history books!

Descendant’s actress Sofia Carson was greeted by the beautiful music of the Kenyan Boys Choir on the blue carpet. Naturally, she danced along with to the beat—smiling ear to ear.

Looking angelic in a beautiful white lace dress, Vanessa Hudgens’s took the stage like a musical angel—accompanied by Canadian musician Shawn Hook—kicking off the day with their pop hit “Reminding Me.”

Next up, an inspiring speech from Lilly Singh. We’re always stoked to watch Lilly take the stage to show off her WE super power: the powerful message of GirlLove. (PS: Have you seen her newly launched Rafiki bracelet, yet? It’s a must-have!)

We couldn’t help capturing the coming together of these two young actors and inspirational change-makers. Gaten Matarazzo, meet Jacob Tremblay. I mean, stranger things (get it?) have happened.

One of the day’s highlights: Kelly Clarkson mesmerizing the crowd and making history with her first performance on the WE stage. Before she took the stage, though, she gave fans on the street a taste of the day’s talent offerings.

Over lunch, some healthy competition heated up Toronto’s first day of fall, when Olympic medal sprinter Andre De Grasse raced Olympic medal swimmer Penny Oleksiak down a track in the Bremner Loop. The event was cleverly called “WE run: fast like De Grasse.” After Penny, the sprinter took on other lucky youth and one Jacob Tremblay, decked out in a sweat band.

In the afternoon, crowd members were delighted to receive a surprise speech from… PRINCE HARRY (!!!), who declared, “Yes to optimism. Yes to hope. And yes to belief!”

The crowd proved energetic until the end of WE Day Toronto, going absolutely wild for Sabrina Carpenter’s performance of her song “Thumbs.”

Shortly after students cleared out, families shuffled in for the next round: WE Day Family, hosted by WE ambassador, Hannah Alper. The evening’s entertainment started off with a couple songs from Sofia Carson.

The international inspiration continued thereafter, when UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon addressed the global issue of climate change on stage.

When the irresistibly adorable, talented and kind-hearted Jacob Tremblay—who was eager to share his experience after the show—took the mic, kids and parents alike couldn’t take their eyes off the stage.

The excitement took off with a special appearance from George Takei, who eloquently expressed his admiration for the next generation of change-makers in the world! WE like to call them, #GenWE.

Among the other notable speakers and performers of WE Day Toronto and WE Day Family were Mia Farrow, Tom Jackson,  and so many more! WE are so grateful to have these amazing role models be part of the WE Movement. And although the eventful day—that included two WE Day productions back-to-back—has come to an end, the effects are long lasting. And bonus, WE trended!

#GenWE is ready for another year of change-making, and WE can’t wait to honour all your impacts at our next Toronto event. Until then, on with tour. Here we come Vancouver! See you October 18.


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