Performer and “Dancing with the Stars” champion Jordan Fisher gives his all in support of clean water.

By Staff | Photography by Mathieu Fortin


The connection between Jordan Fisher and water is strong; “I have a heart for water in general.” So is the relation between this Hollywood triple threat/WE Day regular and charitable giving. Combine this Alabama-born entertainer’s affinity for H2O with his passion for philanthropy and humanitarianism and the result is a ME to WE campaign with epic impact.

A collaboration between ME to WE and Canadian fashion retailer, Call It Spring, the campaign sees the creation of a limited-edition line of socially conscious products in stores this season. Each product is handmade with love by local artisans from WE’s partner communities in rural Kenya, and each pairs style—found in stunning traditional beadwork and contemporary design—with life-changing social impacts actioned in those same communities.

For Jordan, being a single link in the chain to positive change is everything. “We are trying to give a hand up, not a hand out,” he explains. “The support that WE has provided these communities has been done in a way that fosters sustainability and growth long-term. The goal is that we can come to help and equip members of this community to sustain on their own.”

Apart from bringing clean water to the community, sales will also go towards furthering education and opportunity in Kenya. The latter cause is one near and dear to Jordan’s fellow campaign ambassador, actress Bailee Madison.

As for the Dancing with the Stars Mirror Ball champion and the water side of things, Jordan is even more an advocate now, than when he first signed on as an ambassador. The way he tells it, it’s hard not to put your “heart and soul into [the] project” after seeing firsthand how WE supports its partner communities—what’s more, it’s hard for this insight not to change you. “The Maasai Mara locals have little in terms of material things, yet so much community and so much love. They are striving for something bigger than themselves … we should all do the same,” he gushes. “From this experience, I will take forward a personal challenge. I challenge myself to be more empathetic, more selfless and to give as much love as I can every minute of every day.”

Since visiting artisans and community members in the Maasai Mara last year, Jordan is invigorated, encouraged by the knowledge that “growth won’t begin and end with WE, but instead will begin with the help and encouragement of WE and end with the community itself.”

Below, find out what the performer has to say about ME to WE’s partnership with Call It Spring and the power of transformative change.


How long has clean water been a cause close to your heart?
[It] dates back to 4 years ago, when I went on my first WE trip in Ecuador. I spent a couple weeks in the Amazon [and] while I was there, we took a canoe up the river every day and spent time at work sites building a school. The village I worked in, much like many communities in the Maasai Mara, [were] without easy access to water. In Ecuador at the time, it was one pipe, a quarter of a mile away that supplied water to this entire village.

And then WE partnered with the community…

When [WE] first came into this particular community and the members saw clean water, some spit it back out because they had never tasted clean water before and weren’t use to it. Thinking about these elders who spent years in these communities, doing water walks with litres upon litres strapped on their heads for miles to transport water to their families that shouldn’t be consumed by human beings… seeing that that sticks with you. My passion [for] clean water started there.


What does the ME to WE + Call It Spring water bracelet mean to you?

I’ve hosted WE Day upon WE Day, each time telling thousands of kids about WE’s signature Rafiki bracelets and the Mamas who make them… how special that is and what an honour it is to have them—to wear them. I’ve talked about them forever… these accessories, the Mamas and the Mara. Then, to be able to go and sit with the Maasai Mamas in their community and to be welcomed with so much love and appreciation… [that’s] meaningful on so many levels. To be able to be taught to bead the bracelets and to say that I actually got to make a handful of them is a really special thing, especially considering the mission and the pillar.

How does it feel to be an ambassador for this partnership?

It’s an honour and privilege. Having a platform and a voice is something I feel privileged to have… but with that privilege, comes responsibility. The topic of clean water is something I’m really passionate about, especially where [WE] is concerned. I’m trying to help as much as I can. That said, I’m just one piece to this massive puzzle. If we really want to make a lasting change, it will take a choir of people to use their voices. Not just me, not just Bailee Madison; it’s support from everyone that will make an impact.

You obviously passionate about giving back, what do you look for in a charity?

I look for authenticity. I look for intentions and big hearts, organizations [that] are selfless and want to do amazing things in order to leave the best kind of footprint on this earth—not so that they feel good about themselves. It’s something that we talk about all the time—especially these days—not leaving a footprint on this earth. However, I think it’s important that we do leave a footprint, but in the most selfless way possible. I consider WE family and that is why this project with ME to WE + Call It Spring feels so authentic to me.

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