Hate Valentine’s Day because it’s a pointless made-up holiday? Galentine’s Day is a meaningful made-up holiday and you should get behind it.

By Katie Hewitt


Valentine’s Day is divisive. Some people love Garry Marshall films, cartoon hearts and hard candy. Others hate forced sentiment, anatomically incorrect organs and Red Dye 40. Most offensive is the false narrative that romantic love will “complete” us. We are already complete, thank you; veiny hearts and all.

This February, don’t stress about who’s not texting you back, stalk your ex on Instagram or stew in annoyance about the holiday (or was that just us last year?). Instead, focus on the ride-or-die relationships you’ll have for life. Your original soulmates. Your girlfriends. Your sisters. Take Valentine’s Day back by celebrating your #realones with Galentine’s Day.

We’re here to invite Valentine’s Day detractors to host a Galentine’s Day party, which is officially celebrated on February 13. Not convinced? Here are five reasons you’ll learn to love it.

Reason 1 | Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins

Fine, these ladies are two reasons—just like this Share and Pair Rafiki set you can gift to your bestie to make your platonic love official. But even if you’re not a Type-A government employee with a girl crush on your BFF, like Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope, you can still host a soiree. For inspo, you’ll find Galentine’s Day episodes on several seasons of Parks and Recreation, the series credited with creating the holiday. Watch the shows, then watch the rest of your favourite Valentine’s-themed sitcom episodes. Scoffing ironically is optional, but you must melt like cheap chocolate when Jim and Pam fall for each other on The Office.

Reason 2 | No Pressure

Are you secretly testing the veracity of a new relationship by decoding your gift? Or telling a longtime lover not to make plans, even though you’ll resent them if they don’t? Stop it. Hang with your lady friends and take the pressure off. No restaurant reservations, gift-decoding or outfit-scouting necessary. In fact, you can all agree to wear sweats (or dress up for no reason, depending on the vibe you want).

Reason 3 | Hump Day

This year, February 13 falls on a Wednesday. Galentine’s Day is basically an excuse to have champagne with your squad on a work night. The bubbles and the stories and laughter will help you get through the rest of the week. Saturday gets too much attention anyway.

Reason 4 | Party Favours

Every holiday should be an excuse to give away loot bags, which were, let’s face it, the best thing about elementary school. Galentine’s Day is no exception. You can still indulge your sweet craving with novelty candy and plush toys, minus the romantic drama. Fill your bags with ME to WE Chocolate That Changes Lives™. Bonus: it’s made with world-renowned cacao beans and proceeds help the kids of cacao farmers attend school, so it’s much more thoughtful than that junk at the drugstore.

Reason 5 | Women for Women

Whether you’ve known each other since you were in braces or you just met at work a few months ago, the women in your life can become soul-affirming friends. Galentine’s Day is a reason to honour that bond. Connect a woman in your life with a female entrepreneur in Kenya by gifting this Semiprecious Tamaa Bracelet, handmade by ME to WE artisans earning fair wages. Thoughtful gifts aren’t just for romance.

On February 13, you’re all invited to celebrate female love and friendship on Galentine’s Day. As founder Leslie Knope says, “It’s only the best day of the year.”

You dont' need an excuse for a girls' night in but here are five

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