Because you’re a really good person



Gift a goat. Give to girl power. Or cause a ripple effect. Your gifts and donations this holiday season can have a real impact.

This is the shopping list for the socially conscious gifter. We’re celebrating the season with a gift guide showcasing our favourite items, and reasons(!), to shop and donate. What’s more—each piece is paired with a story from the people whose lives are changed by thoughtful givers like you.

These stories celebrate milestone moments of social change, across the countries where WE Charity works and ME to WE products are made. Your giving will make more of these moments happen.

See how your holiday gift will give twice—once to your friend or loved one, and once to families around the world.

Here’s how to do good and give (back) this holiday season.

The Goat that Gives Back

Why they’ll love it: Reindeer get all the credit. Goats are the real heroes this holiday. Give a goat on behalf of a friend or loved one and support a family with a sustainable source of income.

See the gift of impact: Pierre Oleus is the goat godfather. In Marialapa, Haiti, his animal husbandry group is helping parents send their children to school—one goat at a time—with money from the sale of milk and offspring. Learn more about the goat godfather.


Support a Girls’ Club

Why they’ll love it: The future is female. Strong girls grow into strong women who lead stronger communities. In regions where poverty threatens girls’ futures and social status, invest in girls’ education.

See the gift of impact: Lucia Yasaca Daquilema was trembling with nerves when she formally requested membership into the San Miguel Girls’ Club in Ecuador. Now, among a group of young women building leadership skills and income opportunities, Lucia has found her voice. Read Lucia’s story.


Seeds of Change

Why they’ll love it: A gift that actually fights hunger—how amazing is that?! Malnutrition and illness keep children from their studies—it’s tough to focus on lessons with a rumbling belly. Help farmers increase crop yields and feed families.

 See the gift of impact: In the Haitian community of Dos Palais, the school farm is an outdoor classroom. Students learn “the science of food”—best farming practices in an agricultural region—from the very same garden that feeds them. Here, children will have lunches for a lifetime.


Clean Water for a Family for Life

Why they’ll love it: It’s a ripple effect. With clean water to drink, families stay healthy, parents spend more time earning wages and children spend more days in school. Any amount helps, but for $250, provide clean water for a family for life.

 See the gift of impact: Walk with Ramba Bai to collect water in rural Rajasthan, in northern India. Ramba has been making the same journey daily for 45 years—until recently, when the WE team helped disrupt her routine to improve her family’s health. Walk with Ramba.


Farm Animal Bundle

Why they’ll love it: Did you know cows can be contributing members of the household? And goats are a retirement plan? With funds from farming sheep, goats, chickens and other livestock, families can break the cycle of poverty.

See the gift of impact: Small hold farming can turn into an enterprise. Find out how Jane Marindany’s animal brood helped her become “CEO of the Maasai Mara.” Watch Jane’s story.


Healthy Mom and Baby Bundle

Why they’ll love it: There’s no greater gift than a healthy start to life. Help provide mothers and their babies with safe spaces for delivery, as well as vital pre- and postnatal care.

See the gift of impact: In a region untouched by mommy blogs or dog-eared copies of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, one woman is on a mission to help new mothers with health resources in India’s remote villages. Learn how this health worker is bringing hope.


ME to WE Chocolate that Changes Lives

Why they’ll love it: This holiday indulgence is Fairtrade, providing ME to WE farmers in Ecuador with wider markets and living wages. What’s more, proceeds from sales go back into farming communities to support education. We did the math—this snack has maximum impact.

See the gift of impact: You’ve heard of gingerbread houses—now visit the school that chocolate built. Read the story of Willy Wonka’s dreams.


Holiday Filigree Rafiki Bracelet

Why they’ll love it: It’s an everyday purchase with extraordinary impact. ME to WE works with 1,800 artisans in Kenya and Ecuador, from beaders to cacao farmers, creating beautiful gifts that give back to communities and help consumers make better choices. This piece gives clean water.

See the gift of impact: For the Maasai, beading techniques are passed down through generations. Women wear their history around their necks—every milestone marked with an intricate necklace. Now, ME to WE Artisans is opening up new markets for this age-old tradition. Read an artisan’s story.


Gratitude Necklace

Why they’ll love it: This is a daily reminder to be grateful. Each necklace, crafted by female entrepreneurs in Kenya, expresses gratitude in three languages—Swahili, Hindi and Kichwa—celebrating the countries where WE Charity works.

See the gift of impact: When she was a child, Judy Cheborkei’s parents had to choose between food and school fees for their children—the family didn’t have money for both. Now, Judy is determined that her daughters not relive her own upbringing. This ME to WE Artisan is changing her family’s future.

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