During her fourth and final year at Kisaruni All Girls’ High School, Faith Cherop—an aspiring journalist and active member of the school’s Journalism Club—penned this blog entry, re-printed here for our readers. Now a high school graduate, Faith’s legacy as a student remains inspiring. It’s a story of perseverance; it’s the recounting of a journey embarked by a young women who insisted that she “must try and get educated.”  It’s the history of a remarkable individual who refused to be denied. 

My name is Faith Cherop. I am 19 years old. I come from a family of 15 members: eight brothers, six sisters and a father. When I was starting schooling, my father wasn’t supportive to my education. In our community they favour a boy child education.

When I completed my primary education, I had to stay at home because my father couldn’t afford secondary school and even if he could, he would only take my brothers.

I had to stay at home or get married, but I promised myself that I wouldn’t get married. I must try and get educated.

Luckily enough, WE Villages had started a secondary school sponsoring girls in our communities. I really wished and hoped that I would be among those who would be chosen to join Kisaruni Girls Secondary Schools that year, but unfortunately I was not among them. I felt so bad, discouraged and hopeless. I stayed at home for some weeks until one day I decided to go to Kisaruni by my own and pled for a chance to join the high school.

I met with the Principal, Madam Carol, and pleaded my case. She was very understanding, nice and kind. She was also excited in the way I was determined to get education.

The following day I received an admission letter from Kisaruni. I couldn’t sleep at night because of the joy that I had.

Since I started schooling, my father came to realize that girl child education was very important as educating a girl is like educating the whole community. My father started being sensitive to my education. He would often visit me in school so as to give me advice and encourage me.

In school, I have been able to realize my talent of public speaking, and also I have got a chance to be the school president. Now, I have a voice in my family and the entire community. After graduating, I will go to university and study journalism. After graduating I will come back to my family and my community and help them by making their life better than what it is right now, especially on educating girls. Education is the key to success.

Faith’s journey continues; watch the full story and learn how Faith beat the odds in pursuit of education.

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