Sarah McLachlan, Keshia Chanté, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and LaurDIY were among those who brought two days of inspiring messages to Vancity youth and their families.

By Zoe Demarco


A few powerful words can be all it takes to spark the flame of change in a young person.

At WE Day Vancouver and WE Day Family Vancouver 2018, world-renowned celebrities, prominent Canadians and hometown heroes brought the theme of positive mental well-being to the Roger’s Arena.

From self-acceptance to seeking help, here are six positive messages of hope and resilience from the west coast.

Esera Tuaolo

The former NFL player and top-16 The Voice finalist shared the inspiring story of how he learned to accept himself, and encouraged the WE Day Family audience to do the same.

Quote. We all feel uncomfortable in our own skin sometimes.… All those negative thoughts and fears you have now? You’re going to look back one day and see it as nothing but wasted energy. So be who you want to be. Don’t wait until tomorrow to make the most important choice you can make—and that is choosing to love and be yourself. Unquote. Esera Tuaolo.

Keshia Chanté

Singer, actress and philanthropist Keshia Chanté urged the WE Day audience to speak up and ask for help when they’re struggling with their mental health.

Quote. We all need to set aside those quiet moments for ourselves and take one day or minute at a time. I want to encourage all of you who may be struggling to reach out and tell someone you trust about how you’re feeling. Even the smallest goals you achieve every day are steps in the right direction. Unquote. Keshia Chanté

Aimee Song

Youtuber, global fashion influencer and Song of Style blogger, Aimee Song is constantly travelling all over the world and recently went on her first trip with ME to WE to Kenya.

Quote. It doesn’t matter what your background is, where you come from or what you look like, there’s no limit to reaching your dreams. Don’t create small goals for yourself just because you think you can’t achieve bigger ones – you have to dream big! Unquote. Aimee Song.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

After sharing the news that she’ll be the new WE Well-being ambassador, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, told the WE Day audience what she has learned from her own mental health battles.

Quote. I’ve learned to speak openly about it, as your mental health struggles should never be a secret. I’d like to tell you what I now know and that I wish I’d known back then—when I was just about your age: I wish I’d known that I did not have to be everything to everyone. I wish I’d known that I was perfect just the way I was. I wish I’d known I could just be myself. Unquote. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

The YouTube star, who has made a career out of do-it-yourself fashion and beauty projects, expressed the importance of finding a creative outlet for self-care.

Quote. Anxiety can present itself in many different ways, but finding an outlet that grounds me, like DIYing, is one of the best ways to help myself. I encourage all of you to find something you love and commit to it! Though we all have our own personal struggles, it’s important to use the things we love to help us push through! Unquote. LaurDIY.

Sarah McLachlan

The talented singer-songwriter urged the arena of youth to work together to create the world they want to live in.

Quote. We have to remember to hold on to our light, our goodness, and use our gifts to make our world better, to bring people closer and find a common ground. WE Day is a great example of how brightly we can all shine when we work together, because each and every one of you has the power to create positive change in our world. So, keep being inspired. Never stop trying to make the world a better place for us all. Unquote. Sarah McLachlan.

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