WE Day’s spring 2018 tour has begun and it’s heading to London next. Check out the speakers and performers set to take the stage.



London is calling change-makers!

There’s more to spring than the promise of May flowers. As young social advocates in the know will tell you, this is the season of local and global impacts. While giving back is a perennial responsibility of all socially conscious global citizens, this time of year marks the beginning of a special event known as WE Day, where local and international impacts are not only celebrated but seeded, during a world tour that stretches right up until the summer.

Created in honour of individuals leading the charge towards positive change—be that giving back to their own community or abroad—WE Day boasts a talent roster that rivals the globe’s best speaker events with thought leaders spanning from UN officials to Hollywood icons (Kate Winslet was a fave last year) to social innovators, such as one Prince Harry. And let’s not forget about the performers—royalty in their own right! After all, WE Day alums include the likes of pop princesses Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

Evidently an event that attracts the cream of the crop, WE Day harnesses the unifying power of compassion and kindness to bring together these incredible individuals before an audience of students and teachers, who like them, are there because they believe in being the change they want to see in this world.

Come March 7th, SSE Arena in Wembley, London, will reverberate with the hope and enthusiasm of the WE Generation. Audiences can expect guests, such as YouTube phenomenon Connor Franta, to leave them feeling energized and ready to take action on the cause close to their heart, after learning more about speakers’ own “why” when it comes to social change.

With the countdown to the big show ticking away—and International Women’s Day just a day behind it on March 8th—here’s a sneak peek at this year’s lineup for WE Day UK with a special focus on the event’s leading ladies.

Tip: Can’t make it to London? Join thousands of viewers from all around the globe and tune into WE Day UK online via our live webcast.


Fans of Lily Collins are likely impatient for BBC’s premiere of its non-musical take on Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables (it’s hard not to be!), but with filming only just started in February, it’ll be a long while before we see Miss Collins in the role of Fantine. Need a Lily fix to tie you over until then? WE Day UK has you covered! Born in Surrey, the Hollywood actress returns to Britain to inspire youth to find confidence and stand up for their beliefs. Having explored the struggles facing young women through honest self-reflection in her debut book, Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me—an international bestseller, published last year—audiences can count on this Golden Globe nominated actress (and WE Day vet) to bring wise perspective to the stage with her.


Life experience fuels Hayley Mulenda’s advocacy work. Having combated mental health issues herself, she has learned firsthand the importance of open discussion and awareness when dealing with one’s well-being. Wanting to use lessons from her own struggle to help others, Hayley has honed in on how mental health affects youth and the resources needed to help them. Among the advocate and motivational speaker’s many contributions to the cause is a self-help book. Entitled The ABCs To Student Success, the book shares coping mechanisms designed to help young people as they face life’s trials and tribulations. Named 2016’s BE (Black Enterprise) Mogul — Most Influential and Most Inspirational Black Entrepreneur in Britain for Under 21, (a designation supported by the Mayor of London), we dare you not to be moved by Hayley’s words once under the WE Day spotlight.


Philanthropy is a way of life for Holly Branson. As the Co-Chair of WE Day UK, she’s helping give youth the tools they need to create a more caring and compassionate world; as Chair of Virgin Unite, she’s leading a non-profit foundation dedicated to innovating entrepreneurial ideas to create opportunities for a better world; and as a Trustee and Founder of Big Change, she’s shaping a social impact incubator focused on driving positive change for young people. Holly believes youth are the leaders of today and is committed to ensuring they have the resources—as well as the platforms—they need to develop their skills, flex their creativity and stretch their influence. Given the bent of her own passion for global change, we predict this guest speaker’s speech will pass on unforgettable motivation to each and every budding social advocate in the audience.


She gained fame as a BBC Radio presenter; she’s changing the world by giving back to others. With a passion for volunteerism, Yasmin Evans isn’t one to sit around waiting for society’s problems to get resolved on their own—she takes action. For Yasmin, positive impacts are the product of individuals helping one another; she places her trust in the power of unity and the collective strength it generates. This belief is the reason she supports charities including Samaritans, a volunteer organization that has long acted as a shoulder for those in need of someone to talk to during difficult times. A woman of many accomplishments both professionally—she’s interviewed Oprah (cue mic drop)—and charitable (a stand out being her travels to Uganda with Comic Relief to help refurbish a local health centre), Yasmin comes to WE Day with the passion and insight of an individual who understands how to build a better tomorrow, today.


Rosie McClelland

We met her in 2011 when a video of her and cousin Sophia Grace Brownlee doing a rendition of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” went viral and the pair ended up on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. Today, Rosie McClelland is 11 years old and inspiring kids her age to share their own stories with the world—just as she does through her eponymous vlog, RosieGraceMcClelland. Since she was a primary school student tweeting “I gave some of my toys away to charity this week and the shop has put them in the window! #sharingiscaring 💗,” Rosie has used her popularity as an Internet sensation to lead by example and advocate for kindness. If you love hearing this vlogger dish on school, gymnastics and her love of singing, you won’t want to miss what she has to say about the role young people can play in creating a bright future for our world.

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