Tyrese Gibson holds his high school memories close. When he was a teenager, a remarkable teacher-turned-mentor-turned-friend brought inspiring speakers into Tyrese’s classroom. One of those speakers was an actor. For Tyrese and his classmates, to be able to interact with someone they watched on TV proved Hollywood was within reach.


The memory of the guest speakers that visited his high school has stayed with Tyrese, as has their impact on his life. Now, it’s his turn to excite students about their future. Above, watch Tyrese roll up unannounced to surprise students of Locke High School’s WE Schools club.


The impression guest speakers left on Tyrese is what brings the actor—best known for The Fast and the Furious film series— back to the WE Day stage year after year.
This year, he talks to the audience about a cause closest to his heart: The Love Circle Foundation, an organization that works to bring the community together to change the world around them. “I want to help young people achieve their goals. We want to spread hope, wisdom, success, and above all, love.”


Watch the WE Day Special on Friday, August 4 at 8/7c on CBS to catch Tyrese’s full speech.

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