Actress, change-maker and do-er: Skai Jackson relies on self-love when chasing her dreams.

By Staff


Skai Jackson pairs 15 years of living with just about as many years acting. Introduced to audiences when still only nine months old, she has since established herself on screen as an obvious talent.

Skai was raised in the business, which means the teen is currently coming of age amid the competition threaded into the fabric of the industry, in addition to dealing with the bouts of Internet bullying that typically shadows celebrities. This, all on top of the challenges that simply come with growing up, is what motivates Skai to carve out a place for self-love in her life.

For Skai, self-love is about embracing who she is—no matter what other people say. She doesn’t hide her strength, her beauty or her confidence. Instead, Skai lets it shine and hopes her own actions will inspire other teens to follow in her bold footsteps.

Whether it is a new role (the actress has landed jobs that vary from Disney to HBO) or standing up to hate on social media, Skai never backs down from representing what she believes in. Her will to stand up and speak out has been proven time and time again as an ambassador for No Kid Hungry—a national nonprofit committed to ending child hunger in America—and as a WE Day speaker.

Evidently one who springs into charity work and advocacy with ease, the New York native encourages her peers to dream big—especially if “big” means bettering the world as a change-maker. Below, the Bunk’d star talks about the causes she cares about most and shares a message with the youth at last year’s WE Day New York.

Quote. There's going to be a lot of people that tell you you can't do something... know that you will do it... something great will happen for you. Unquote.


What is your message for the young people at WE Day?

If you really want to do something in life, don’t let anyone stop you. There’s going to be a lot of people that tell you you can’t do something… know you will do it… something great will happen for you.


You have to keep trying, right?

It won’t happen overnight. It took a couple of years to get where I am today. Always go for your dreams and never give up.


What are the issues and causes you care about most?

Child hunger.

I’m working with an organization called No Kid Hungry. I’ve been doing school visits, visiting kids and doing a press tour with them [to get] the message out. There are so many kids in North America who are going hungry. No kid should have to go through that; no kid should ever have to wonder when their next meal will be.


A big part of changing this is awareness, which you’re helping to increase during your press tour.

People don’t realize how many kids are [experiencing this]. That’s something that I really want to get the message out about.


What was it like for you to address all the young people today at WE Day New York?

It was super fun, and I had an amazing crowd—everyone was so excited. They really hyped me up, and I felt so comfortable. I cannot wait for the next WE Day!


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