20 years after Diana’s death, world leaders, friends and admirers pay tribute to the “people’s princess.”

During her lifetime, Princess Diana championed the most vulnerable of society, helping to break down the stigma around AIDs victims and urging countries to ban landmines. Her empathy with those who were suffering remains a lasting legacy, which is carried on by her sons, Prince William and Harry, who champion many of the same causes.

In a testament to how deeply his mother impacted his drive to help others, Harry shares in the newly released BBC documentary Diana, 7 Days that “[A]ll I want to do is try and fill the holes that my mother has left, that’s what it’s about for us, […] trying to make a difference, and in making a difference making her proud.”

Twenty years after her death, Diana’s compassion still touches not only those who loved her best, but also those who never met her—people who were moved by her acts of love. Below, their tributes:

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