Celebrating WE’s international impacts in 2017 and our goals for 2018.



It started with education.

The #1 UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is to create a world that eliminates poverty, and WE Villages’ core mission is rooted in making this happen. To do this, a quality education is essential. Knowing this, WE Charity began to wonder how it might help send more kids to school.

Bricks and mortar are required, but the needs go beyond the build, if we want to address the barriers.

To provide real, on-going access to quality education the WE Villages’ mandate is five-fold. You can’t get an education if you’re spending all your time collecting water (and contaminated water at that). You can’t get an education if you’re malnourished and having trouble concentrating in class. You can’t get an education if you’re parents can’t afford to keep you in school. You can’t get an education if you’re unwell and don’t have access to health care. And, you can’t break the cycle of poverty without getting an education.

The WE Villages team created a model that turns those five barriers into opportunities. WE changed “can’t” to “can” in the areas of Education, Water, Food, Opportunity and Health.

This year, across nine countries, WE Villages’ international development model is raising families and entire communities out of poverty. Through this opportunity, people no longer have to choose between the necessities of life; they’re now choosing how to live their lives.

We’re part of a tidal wave of global development, changing the world for the better because people, like you, want to do good with us.

Below, a roundup of just a few of the impacts created in 2017 with the help of our incredible network of partners and donors, our hard-working country teams and our community partners across Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, rural China, India, Haiti, Nicaragua and Ecuador.

Now, let’s see what we can do in 2018!

“For every girl’s right.” | WATCH

When you educate a girl, you educate an entire community. For proof, look no further than the learners at Kisaruni All Girls’ High School in Kenya. SDG #4 is quality education. Watch Faith fight the odds in the pursuit of education.


“A new mark of manhood: The high school diploma.” | WATCH

Girls and boys need access to quality education—the 2017 opening of Ngulot All Boys Secondary School (Kisaruni’s third campus) touches the core of what it means to be a man in the Maasai Mara. Follow Francis as he navigates the admission process to reach Ngulot (Swahili for Strength).


“Teen turns on the tap.” | WATCH

Water is abundant in the communities where WE Villages works in the Amazon, but clean water is not. These are areas where clean water to one’s home is never an option… until now. Goal #6 of the SDGs is clean water and sanitation. Walk with 15-year-old Yadira as she takes us from the old way of getting water, to the new.


“Striking out hunger.” | READ

In India, communities are feeding themselves thanks to an innovative food program that pairs tech advancements with local custom. Read Noja Ram’s journey to reach goal #2: zero hunger.


The goat that keeps on giving | READ

Solidarity groups in Haiti give moms and dads the ability to afford to keep their children in school, all thanks to our furry friend the goat. Decent work is SDG #8 and as Pierre—the goat godfather—shares: “This is how we found our dignity.”


“Life changes.” | READ

The power of ME to WE artisans in Kenya and Ecuador cannot be overstated. We are honoured to work with—and inspired by—the women behind every artisan product. They are taking on SDG #5 by creating gender equality in their communities through their work. Read how a ME to WE artisan in Kenya inspired a Canadian woman to reflect on her own life, as they both navigate career changes.


“Not your average music video.” | WATCH

Ringing in at #3 of the Global Goals is good health and well-being—and in Kenya, 2017 was a celebration of a longstanding dream, made possible by inspired, tenacious and generous donors. Partnership is at the core of this project and WE’s work in general. It’s also Goal #17—last, but not least on the list of SDGs. What started as a maternal health care clinic officially became a fully-fledged hospital, with the addition of the surgical unit providing essential health services in rural Maasai Mara. Join the mamas in celebrating Baraka Hospital, and let’s bring that same spirit and joy into the New Year.

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