There’s more to Stranger Things cast member Gaten Matarazzo than the superstardom that comes with being a part of Netflix’s most anticipated show premiere.

For proof, check out his work with CCD Smiles. A passionate advocate of cleidocranial dysplasia awareness, to Gaten, there’s nothing stranger than not taking action on social issues close to one’s heart. “If you’re passionate about the cause you support […], show everyone you support it,” he recommends.

As he shares, youth deserve a platform to voice their opinions, and its up to all of us to make room in the conversation for them. If we do this, he believes youth can “learn about everything going on in the world today and have an educated conversation.” And knowledge, as we see from all the student-led impacts celebrated at WE Day, is a change-maker’s best friend.

From behind the scenes at WE Day, Gaten Matarazzo opens up about living with cleidocranial dysplasia and the importance of standing up for what you believe in.

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