Celebrating 150 Years

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, we’re reflecting on our country’s past and shaping the vision for its future. This national milestone is also tied to the 
WE Movement because Living WE is what living in Canada is all about—bringing people together and giving them the tools to change the world. This year, we will unite as a country and pledge to continue building a stronger Canada by taking action in four areas that are fundamental to our Canadian identity.

The diversity of Canada’s population is what makes it strong. Canada 150 would like to continue building a welcoming Canada where everyone has a place and the ability to reach their full potential. Canada 150 promotes diversity and inclusivity and builds relationships based on common interests.

Youth have an incredible ability to lead and the power to shape Canada’s legacy. Canada 150 wants to engage and inspire young people in all areas of Canadian life with initiatives for youth and by youth that will empower young people to become engaged in civil society and build trust in their government.

Canada 150 would like to support efforts toward national reconciliation of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians and help begin a new era of nation-to-nation relations.

Canadians have a fundamental responsibility toward the environment; we are its caretakers. Our vast and diverse landscape is a source of pride and national identity. Canada 150 will promote and support environmental consciousness to protect our land, water, air and wildlife.

Commit to making our country more caring and compassionate.
Take the pledge below and be a part of building Canada’s next 150 years.

Our strength lies in the uniqueness of each of us. Through our individual actions we’ll build a better world and inspire others to take action as well. And together, we do more than we could do alone.

Because together, WE Are Canada.

I pledge to live WE. By the way we act. By the way we help others. By the way we live. I will be an example of kindness to and service to all those around me to help build a stronger nation. Because together, WE are Canada.

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