WE Day is the Olympics for change-makers. The Academy Awards for real people who are making a difference. It fills stadiums around the globe. It’s live-streamed. It’s broadcast. WE Day is a powerful, life-changing experience with world-renowned speakers and performers, mixed with real inspirational stories of change.

What is WE Day

WE Day is the manifestation of the WE movement, an ocean of people coming together to create impact. Standing in a stadium full of change-makers will reaffirm your belief that a better world is possible.

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WE Day Events

All throughout the year, WE Day supports independent partners, communities, schools and cities that want to launch their own WE Day-style event. Celebrate a year of incredible impacts with your classmates and educators at WE Day, and kick-start another year of local and global change.

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WE Day Family

Experience WE Day like never before: with your family! Hear from well-known inspirational speakers, international musical acts, as well as learn how you can change the world alongside your loved ones.

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WE Day Community

WE Day Community celebrates the WE movement. This mid-sized event brings together community change-makers and young people who are making a difference.

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WE Day App

Download the WE Day app to get access to exclusive WE Day content, inspiring actions you can take throughout the year and even earn your way to upcoming WE Day events by tracking how you give back to local and global causes.

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Volunteer at WE Day

WE Day is made possible by thousands of volunteers who dedicate their time to making sure every event inspires, empowers and transforms the guests who attend—as well as the change-makers who share their stories.

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Join the WE Movement

WE is a movement that empowers people to change the world. Make your actions count.
Take the WE Pledge and we’ll donate $10 to empowerment programs here and around the world.

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